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Kiera Stone wrote:
Whats the point in everyone begging for comments? Seems to me you don't earn it that way by asking people to comment your photos etc.

It's not really begging for comments - it's inviting people to come visit your portfolio. Sure comments are nice - and if nothing else, noting which images get comments and which don't does serve as a benchmark too. Let's face it, you could put some great images up and hardly anyone sees them.

It's also an opportunity to network and I've fixed up a couple of shoots just from making connections that way. It also gives me an excuse to browse other portfolios that I otherwise would never see.

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Photos by Lorrin

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She gone  gone   gone

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Robb Mann

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Lorin Edmonds wrote:
She gone  gone   gone

They just don't make newbs like they used to...

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