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Jerry Nemeth

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Dearborn, Michigan, US

Xavier A wrote:
I received the same.. I'm gonna wait to get the check, try an cash it and see if it gets bounced and I'll repost

Don't cash the check!

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Brick Wilson wrote:
On the other hand, this site ranks pretty high on search engines. Models wondering whether they're being scammed will find these threads and hopefully some good advice.

I'm so glad it WAS posted on here so I didn't fall for the same one! I was iffy because they had no avatar, MM was unable to show their profile ("This member is either awaiting approval or has removed their profile from the site"), and asked me to email someone else instead of replying on MM. I looked up Holly Mccarthy, and that is the name of a real photographer, but in another state. Also the grammar was terrible.

My name is Holly Mccarthy, professional photographer/Manager. I recently went through your profile and i will definitely love to work with you. Well, there's an upcoming photo shoot organized by The Herald Fashion Magazine, and i would really want you to participate in the event. So kindly contact the agent in charge via email: for more interesting details regarding the shoot.
Thanks for your time.

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Sophia Rebel

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I think it could be spam, because I just recently got invited to that same event but instead of getting the email, another model invited me to it and told me about it. But Told me to contact a robert williams. Just wish I would've seen your post before sending him an email sad lol
Thanks for your post!

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Shot By Adam

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Laurie-Anne Foster wrote:
It's crazy that the scammers go this far...

They go that far because there are so many people out there who are stupid/gullible enough to believe it.

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I got it too....

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Paul Judie

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thanks for mentioning that! i got a similar message concerning the same thing(herald fashion mag), and was about to ask if that's phony or not. seems like it.

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Leslie Amell

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I am so glad I came here first before giving them all my info. I searched it on google and it brought me here. I'm new here and I received one of those "Harold Fashion Magazine" emails as well as another one that was pretty much the same set up only they didn't tell you where the shoot would be located until after you told them where you live. Kind of a red flag if you ask me. I knew it sounded too good to be true. The lengths these scammers will go to is pretty crazy. Thank you for starting this thread, it helped me and I'm sure will help other new members on the site as well.

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Thanks everyone I also got the same email. I was so excited I replied back. The guy had even been texting me. But when I tried to call the number it went straight to voicemail. I found this thread when doing a google search for the Herald Magazine. I also started reading the newbie forum after I replied and felt like a total dummy.

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