Amy Rachel Retouching

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London, England, United Kingdom

would love to use for my port, is that alright? smile

Mar 11 12 04:39 pm Link


RonJons Digital Beauty

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Sierra Vista, Arizona, US

Here is my version!

Mar 11 12 04:51 pm Link


Niladri Chatterjee

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Calcutta, Bangla, India

Amazing pics, I'll be working on #4 and will submit the result here.


Mar 11 12 11:59 pm Link


Abe Rempel

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Windsor, Ontario, Canada

May I use this in my portfolio?

Mar 12 12 08:57 pm Link


Retouch and Pointer

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US

Hey I am new to retouching and Model Mayhem and wanted to give this picture an go. I wanted to know if I could use it in my portfolio.

Mar 14 12 05:18 am Link


Ryan Bater

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London, England, United Kingdom

Abe Rempel wrote:

May I use this in my portfolio?

I love this! of course you can.

Mar 16 12 04:46 am Link


Edits by Victoria S

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Pearl City, Hawaii, US

AMarfoog wrote:

I love this! smile

Mar 17 12 07:26 pm Link



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New York, New York, US

I took a stab at one.

Can I use this in my port?

Mar 17 12 10:25 pm Link


CLM Retouch

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Milwaukie, Oregon, US

Wish I would have looked through the thread first to see what's already been done. But oh well, here is my try.

Mar 20 12 11:08 pm Link


Ali Bahman

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Manama, Manama, Bahrain

very good photos.

there was no time for me to finish it but here is the result

Mar 21 12 07:33 am Link


Michelangelo Carrieri

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Taranto, Apulia, Italy

If possible I would like to work on #9

Thank you.

Mar 21 12 11:48 am Link



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Ann Arbor, Michigan, US

Beautiful image, so much fun to experiment with!  I played with the color more than I usually do.  High-Res available if desired: … hotostream

Mar 22 12 12:33 pm Link


Bradford Retouching

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West Hollywood, California, US

Just focused on the face. The chest could use some work.

Mar 22 12 07:10 pm Link



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London, England, United Kingdom

Beautiful photos Ryan, thank you for posting them! I would really love to retouch some more.. *fingers crossed I hope you upload some more at some point!*

I keep this looking natural, I hope you like it. If you do I would be happy to send you the Hi-Res file.. big_smile

All the best,

Panos Moesis,

May 31 12 11:23 am Link


Nothing Here Site

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Akiak, Alaska, US

May I work on 6, 9, 11

Thank you! smile

May 31 12 11:29 am Link


Oksana Kos

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Los Angeles, California, US

Hi, can I have  #6 and #8 please?

Thank you smile

May 31 12 12:12 pm Link


Cristina M Beller

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Chicago, Illinois, US

My try. Did some texturing after the retouch for fun. Thanks for the awesome photographs! smile

Oct 25 12 09:08 pm Link


Adroit Leaf Photography

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New York, New York, US

May I use this for my portfolio?

Dec 03 12 10:56 am Link


Natalya Belaya

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Brooklyn, New York, US

Thank you! I can get use in my portfolio?

Dec 04 12 12:37 am Link


Aurica C

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Chişinău, Chişinău, Moldova

Here is my try.
Hope you like it! I can say that it's my first serious image with painted face... was difficult but interesting, thank you for your raw.

Jan 15 17 02:16 am Link