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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US

It's a creme, right? But how's it different than CremeSheen? What is the Amplified finish in a nutshell?

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Rachel Lisa

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Super-pigmented, mostly matte, tends to dry out after a while. It can shoot beautifully, but if you actually want to wear it all day, it's very high maintenance. On myself at dries out my lips so I have to remove it completely, scrub my scaly lips,add lip balm, and start over.

Mar 20 12 10:05 pm Link

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Rene Maquilleur

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Super Pigmented. When you want what you see in color that is the texture to get. Very creamy and glides on. Rich in moisture. Will only dry your lips if your lips are already dehydrated or if it is not taken off properly. But that goes for most lipstick. Looks fantastic in photography, and has an opaque creamy finish with a subtle shine.

Mar 20 12 10:18 pm Link