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Inanna C

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May 08 12 08:52 pm Link



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I think the new banner looks great. good choice.

May 08 12 09:53 pm Link


Rebecca Christine

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orias wrote:

oh interesting because the competition says

MM staff (“Judges”) will select a winning banner entry, on the basis of creativity, originality, aesthetic appeal, continuity with current site banner, and clarity (“Judging Criteria”)

and that they reserve the right to not choose one of the applicants if they don't feel any suit them

so by that the members have no control and the voting was a fun way to get people to feel involved without actually giving them any opportunity to change things.

also i don't know if you noticed it but the criteria they claimed they'd judge and choose by does not validate their winning choice besides the continuity of being hte exact same thing again lol

You said somewhere about it being because the MODs are friends with Mosh & Michael O.

I vote on the banners, had not previously heard of Mosh or Michael (until this thread, actually - I made a point of not looking into who made them while voting).
The contest wasn't rigged, we had a lot of going back and forth.. went through every single banner and voted. The ones with the highest votes were chosen.

It wasn't rigged, the fact that a couple MODs may be friends with the winners (I really don't know if that is true or not, but if it is..) the comp couldn't be rigged due to all the other people like myself who are not friends with them voting. We would have outbalanced the people who 'are' friends with them in favour of another banner, if there was such a rigging attempt (There wasn't).

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Moderator Warning!
Apparently some of you need a nudge when it comes to the RULES!!!

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Please be adults, and stop the BS.

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Kinda disappointed, was looking forward to way more originality in the choice of the new banner, this is too similar to the original, anyway not gonna hate on the winners skills, congrats.

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Digital Artist

Mads Design

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jahnhall wrote:
not impressed. disappointed, actually.

the image itself is fine.  it just didn't warrant a contest with all that buzz simply because it's essentially the same thing.

with that, i'll stfu because i don't pay a dime to use the site & despite my preference for something different, i still get a ton out of using it.

Have to agree that we should all stfu  -  but the banter continues because we really love the site, and all it offers, or we would not bother voicing opinions, pro or con.  Undoubtedly, we all respect one another and any expressed criticism is not a measure of disrespect to any of the mods or any of the artists who contributed their time and energy to this - just an expression of love for MM!

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iluviar art

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I really like this one smile
And I'm glad to see one of my favourite models' and artist's work on the banner here smile

May 09 12 01:30 pm Link


MHC Photographer

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I'm sorry to say this, but the more I look at it, the more it feels depressive, the overall 'horror movie' mood perhaps?

I hope you change again soon MM…

May 11 12 03:47 pm Link


Garry k

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i think it perfectly represents MM ....


May 11 12 07:49 pm Link


Miss Aniela

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It gets worse every time log in.

May 15 12 01:10 am Link


Gaze at Photography

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It's a website banner.  That's all.  Much ado 'bout nuttin.

It's a frickin banner.  STFU

May 15 12 03:27 pm Link

Digital Artist

Mads Design

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Gaze at Photography wrote:
It's a website banner.  That's all.  Much ado 'bout nuttin.

It's a frickin banner.  STFU

Well, that is one way to shut down discussion - still think members care and that is why they commented on the banner - maybe a member vote - thumbs up or thumbs down should do it?

May 23 12 03:10 pm Link


Atlantic Picture

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hate to say it but..... Told you so!

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Reflected wrote:

I think it should go up in honor of the final day of games. big_smile

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i really like it

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Kerri Jean Photography

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