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Posting here instead of General Feedback because I'd also like a more concentrated commentary on the editing aspect.

I'm getting ready to push some of my studio and editing work in a direction, and after experimenting a bit I think I'm on the path I've intended. The idea is to use use poses and lighting that will aid in the post-production addition of energy that plays on poses. While I think these attempts have put me closer to my intent than I've been before, I'd like some critical thought on the subject. What works well? Not so well? What's piss poor?

Here are the images I consider to be a start to this project:

May 10 12 10:51 am Link

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Joe Diamond

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Well, in my humble opinion  those fractals are not helping either your creativity or photos, those fractals are randomly added. I cannot say the same thing regarding your photography as in light use and model pose which can help a nice concept build .

In my opinion if you cant make something better dont ruin what you have, there are many artists here that could help you. Photography is really beautiful and i have seen mistakes that changed a beautiful photography into a fiasco.

May 10 12 11:56 am Link