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I'm not has good photographer than retoucher i work with but

i did this picture : i try D&b but still have some spot on the cheek hard for me to improve

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Practice makes perfect. I am still fighting with d&b, but you are almost there. The neck needs some work done smile

R O N...

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Pari Retouch

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Well done Stefan!

Here's what I think about the image:

I think the skin looks blotchy and d&b can easily fix it. I did a super quick d&b on this image just for a rough idea.

Also I see some color banding on her skin, I'm not sure if it is just me.

Other than that I loved what you did. smile

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Ovidiu Oltean

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My 5 min quick D&B

I suggest you to make some help layers to see better where to D&B. First make a hue\sat layer and pull the saturation to -100, then an curves layer and with some contrast adjustments too see better.

Like this :

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Thanks a lot

Ovidiu i think work on eyes make picture more fake no ?

i did that correction i don't want it too much

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