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Misty R H

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Anaheim, California, US

I am curious. 

I am a mature commecial model and this is my main port.

I also have an alternate port under the name of Fine Wine where I post more sexy and 18+ pics.

Here is the link to my alternate port

If that doesn't work it is Fine Wine MM# 2609028''

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Karen Rox

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Los Angeles, California, US

I strongly agree with you! smile

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Michael Silver

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London, England, United Kingdom

I'm also Curious..?

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Dallas, Texas, US

I'd love to hear your thoughts. smile

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San Francisco, California, US

smile curious

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Beach Photo and Video

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Virginia Beach, Virginia, US

CMW Media wrote:
So this thread is inspired by all of the profiles I've come across lately that say "Paid Assignments Only"

I'll give you my honest opinion about how much and if you should be paid.

*Some people I will even suggest pay others to help them, that doesn't necessarily mean that you're bad, just that you need to work with a higher level of photographers or models, and that you may need to pay them to accomplish it.

*Also, in my opinion, no one but celebrities and supermodels should ever limit themselves to only paid assignments. EVERYONE else should be at least open to hearing trade offers from their peers. Even the perfect portfolio needs updated!

I do 'tf' work - when it will benefit my port - or just cuz I feel like it.   hat do you think i'm worth?   (maybe a dollar cheezeburger?   -    I've been known to work for cheezeburgers!)

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Maria Susanti

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Banyuwangi, Jawa Timur, Indonesia

curious :3

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Carmilla Jo

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Oakland, California, US

Let me know smile

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DizzySnake Photography

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Los Angeles, California, US

It would be awesome to get some insight on this!
Thank you!

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Jillian Monica

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Kingston, Pennsylvania, US

How about me?

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Chicago, Illinois, US

Curious; please and thank you smile

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Madeline Mayhem7765

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Atlanta, Georgia, US


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New York, New York, US

let me know what u think pls smile

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Divine Origins

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Brooklyn, New York, US

Please have a look

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Gent, East Flanders, Belgium


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Sharon Boucquez

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Ostend, West Flanders, Belgium

Photographers all over the world tell me they would love to shoot me untill I ask them if they at least can pay a part of the travelcosts.
I'm modelling already for almost 4 years now, I'm realistic enough to know I will never be a topmodel, but it doesn't mean I have to do all that for free? Right?

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Yin L

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London, England, United Kingdom

I was 'off duty' for a whole yr and now making a big come back!

Do tell. Very much appreciated!! THANKS in advance x

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Leila Aly

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Exton, Pennsylvania, US

I'd like to know..

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Foxy Tokala

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Atlanta, Georgia, US

I to am curious as to what you think?!  Yes I do TF in some situations, but I would still love to know your opinion.

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Midland, Texas, US

Am curious.. smile

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L Bass

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Nacogdoches, Texas, US

If the OP's still in the building... I'll play wink

Oh yea... I do a lot of TF work these days.

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BJ Gruber

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New York, New York, US

I'd love to hear your opinion!

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Zoe Chanel

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Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Pretty sure I'm still tf but would still like your opinion.

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Amanda J Foster

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New York, New York, US


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Minneapolis, Minnesota, US

I'm new but hardworking.

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Nadia Ruslanova

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Tampa, Florida, US

meow meow? smile

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Michael Vincent Photo

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Winston-Salem, North Carolina, US

Interested in knowing my price

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Austin, Texas, US

How much would you pay a pregnant model?

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Andalusia, Alabama, US

what do you think?

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Nadia Ruslanova

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Tampa, Florida, US

SummersPlace wrote:
How much would you pay a pregnant model?

double? smile triple for twins!

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Affinity Finch

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Torpoint, England, United Kingdom

I'd love to know.

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Stephanie Yakir

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US

I was just wondering this! I would love to know!

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Lewes, Delaware, US

So i dont get it then,  I just graduated from college and trying to get into the photography world. so if the photographer is the one who should be getting paid then why are there so many models out there who wont shoot unless you pay them? if i am going to drive somewhere to photograph the model, set up and everything, then should i be the one getting paid. not them?

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Lewes, Delaware, US

So since i am just getting started I would prob all under the whole TF still. but would love to know your opinion.

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New Orleans, Louisiana, US

I'd like to know. . .and is this for any genre?

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Tiffiney C

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Los Angeles, California, US

I'll play

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Avon, Colorado, US

I'd really appreciate your opinion

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Alixx Rose

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Atlanta, Georgia, US

i'd love to know! thanks!

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Kimmi Fox

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London, England, United Kingdom

wouldnt mind knowing smile

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Toria Royale

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Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

I'm a beginner, so I do only TF shoots now, but do you think I could grow enough as a model to be paid?

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