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Virginia Beach, Virginia, US

I'm a new model and im trying to start my portfolio

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Welcome to MM.  Tips for fitting in on MM:  Understand and follow the rules.  MM is strict, posts must meet established criteria & be posted in appropriate area.
Best advice is to Model for many shoots.  Find what you like and do it over & over again.
Check the "info link" in the upper right hand side of the screen.  Best luck and enjoy

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Brittni Christine

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Lakewood, California, US

Welcome to MM! You can either post a casting call to set up a shoot or go under Browse and look for photographers with great quality ports and send them a message just asking to shoot with them. Make sure you already know your concept and what your wearing. Some people dont like their time being wasted. Good Luck and I hope this helped! smile

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Albertex Photography

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Welcome to MM.  Enjoy the Mayhem.

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