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Rachel Hayslette

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Weaver, Alabama, US

Wanting some opinions on my photos. New to modeling.

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Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia

at the moment i'm seeing a lot of the same facial expression. try looking at yourslef in the mirror and trying different emotions.

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Row 3 Column 3- the stream shot is kinda nice, except you should have been wearing a flowing dress, or something artistic rather than shorts and a T ugh

The last 2 shots are not bad

but other than that you should remove all other photos and work with a stylist MUA and good photographer and get better shots- you're not fashion but more commercial so start smiling in those pics.



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Work with full teams that include MUA/Hair, work on your posing, facial expressions, and also include a basic head shot, half, 3/4, and full length. What you have right now seems very senior portrait looking. good luck

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Baton Rouge, Louisiana, US

Check out this thread from the other day.  Particularly the stuff he says about hands and towards the very end about movement in everything but high fashion.  G'luck

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Orca Bay Images

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CandiceCampbellPhotog  wrote:
at the moment i'm seeing a lot of the same facial expression. try looking at yourslef in the mirror and trying different emotions.


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Oscar Partida

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Palm Springs, California, US

i see potential..keep only the last images like the other guys said and best of luck !!

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Just keep shooting.
But it is true, you need to work on your expressions because I see the same one in every shot. Good luckk

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As far as a model you have a great look but the photos are not working for you
This is the best photo from portfolio

Things that degrade a photo are, having a big logo across your body, over processing the whites of your eyes, poor composition, cutting off body parts
Too much head tilt, but photo has nice eyes
Too much head tilt
Keep knees lower then hips will give the legs a longer look
Toes pointed in creates a negative impression
Missing models left foot
Due to pose model has no apparent neck
Move elbows off to sides do not point at camera

Fill in your stats, if some one is looking for a model to shoot a designers clothing line, with out the numbers they would have no idea if the sample clothes will fit you

Look for some photographers that can show case you

Wish you the best

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Rachel Hayslette

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Weaver, Alabama, US

Thanks everyone!! I didn't realize how much I needed to work on!!!

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Wendy Hurst Portrait

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Riverton, Utah, US

^shoot more with this photographer, you boom confidence in this image

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E Delsigne Photography

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Hi there!

I have found there are three things that work best to getting more traffic to your model mayhem page.

1. Visit the main page and exchange comments and list with fellow mmers. You will receive comments and traffic from doing this... sometimes immediately.

2. Participate in as many forums as possible. Make sure you have your best photo as your avatar.. this will draw people in as well.

3. Post casting calls and availability notices and work through MM as often as possible.

Hope this helps!

Erin Delsigne Photography

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