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I'm thinking of changing up my current hairstyle, for something that might flatter me more, be more eye-catching/make more of a statement, especially in shoots.

I'm not sure if I should grow my hair out, or go for a bob, or pixie, or generally shorter length, or what to do about bangs, or even a new color.

Any advice welcome, and unedited/self-shot pictures of my hair as it is are below.

Photo examples welcome!

Thanks everyone.

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I'm not digging the blunt bangs with the shape of your face. … 9#15423009
I LOVE this style on you. Stick with that.

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I tend to agree, I like the sweepy bangs better with your face shape.

I don't know if you have ever made the jump to short hair before but it definitely is high maintenance, especially if you have a specific cut like a bob. You need a trim every few weeks to keep it in line.

Go to a mall and try on some wigs first before you make the decision. Or look up the shape of your face online and there are usually style suggestions.

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Ms Cupcake Couture

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Thank you both! I like the wig idea so I can try out some hair ideas, and I do like that shoulder length cut I had - easy to style and wear! smile

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