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Hey guys!

So I was hoping that you guys might know something about this jacket I bought in Berlin this past spring. I got it at a shop called 14 oz. in the Mitte. It's from Evisu Deluxe, is fire engine red and appears to be entirely either pony or goat hair.

Basically I bought it because I thought it was ridiculous and I needed it. But when I took the time to research it, I couldn't find anything similar in the Evisu line. The proprietor said it was unique, but people say a lot to sell an expensive item like this. The store did have one other in brown, but they were the only two they ever got and they had them for a while. The store was very high end, so I don't doubt it's authenticity.

The stylist I was with thought this might be a one-of-a-kind sample that never hit production, but I'm a little skeptical. Do you guys have any ideas about it or where I might be able to get some info? Thanks in advance, and here are some pics. Sorry for the burnout, but you can see how insanely bright and obnoxious it is.

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