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I don't know if it's all that prevalent, but I do know a couple of models whose reputations as drug users surpassed their reputations as models. 

One never got any gigs at all that I could see and spent most of her time in rehab (she's on MM and her portfolio still has 4 self-made cell phone shots), another is a very attractive and otherwise skilled model whose unreliability has made her every photographer's bottom of the barrel choice.

Pity.  Both of these models had a lot going on and pissed it away for nothing.

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ShivaKitty wrote:
Some people shake due to mild neurological disorders.

Which there are a million of btw.. I have epilepsy, i shake sometimes, i really hope noone suspects me of drug use:P

Theres toooons.. literally tons of just this. &then caffeine, nervousness, & all the other reasons listed.

But i know 2 models who smoke pot. &shoot high. theyre friggin awesome people though.

Edit- amazing models too i might add.

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aspergianLens wrote:

No, I didn't mean "model" as in "medical marijuana activist".  I meant like a well-known model.

There are a few.

And I agree - it's difficult to imagine that marijuana could make someone look so bad as meth does.  It's a whole different world.

Idk if theyre on MM, but some glamour models with huge following on twitter do.

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V Laroche

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twoharts wrote:
i had one model from CL (turned out to be a stripper) who was visibly shaking during the shoot. i never knew if she was nervous or cold or what.

Your model was shaking and you didn't ask her if she was cold?! Really considerate of you

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Chip Pitcairn

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I've had a llama that was so hungover  we had to stop shooting to let her go puke 3 times. As you might imagine none of the images from that day were anything but awful.

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That makes me sad, I liked Jael.

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Gene Cannon

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I have a close relative who got addicted to illegal drugs (cocaine, heroin, crack, meth among others) ... thank God he finally got clean 10 years ago, he now has a great job that he loves, he is now married and has a 2 year old son. I have seen so many people ruin their lives by using such drugs. More especially, it will destroy your health and looks! My suggestion is to steer clear of these drugs!!!

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Whiten Photography

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George Ruge wrote:
If a model shows up obviously on drugs (years of law enforcement) she will be asked to leave immediately, no shoot, no $$$$, get the f#%k out. I'm not here to fund someone's drug habit. One of my favorite models got on meth, what a waste of a lovely young lady's life, tried to get her help, but she wasn't having any of that!:-(

I generally have a clean and sober rule during shoots, but that's less a moral judgement on drugs than it is a question of safety and competence - I want everyone involved in full possession of their faculties.

That said, I'm in full favor of drug legalization/decriminalization. No, not because I'm a pot head; I've never done a non-prescription drug harder than Jack Daniels. I've shot/worked with people that are recreational users, I've known people that were only functional WHEN they were using. I just can't bring myself to get worked up over what grown people might choose to inject/inject/snort if it doesn't effect me. It's not my business what you do with the money or how you live your life if you show up on time, ready to go, and do the job to spec. I have a bigger issue with the socially acceptable drugs like tobacco, since smokers always seem to need extra breaks.

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Kelly Anne-Marie wrote:
Sorry, I know all about addiction.. I been saying that pharse for years now. I mean to try drugs even the first time, I DON'T understand. Please just DON'T...I been saying that for years now in the meetings I go to ...if you are offended, well...

Kelly, but you have a picture in your portfolio where you appear to be pouring a VERY large amount of Crown Royal.

Alcohol is a drug (and a very delicious one mixed with Cola).  That first drink is no different than a first hit, or snort, or whatever.

I personally don't have a problem with responsible recreational use of any drug including alcohol.  It's just when someone goes from "recreational" to "problematic" that gives any drug a bad name.

P.S. It's NOT 1950 where they knew little to nothing about drugs nor really talked about them!!!

You're right, it's not 1950 so we need to get up to speed on what we know and think about drugs.

But is it the drug that's bad, or the person's inability to control their use of it?  Sometimes it's a mix of the two depending on the substance.

BBC Horizon did a documentary where they evaluated the 20 most harmful common drugs used in the UK.

Alcohol was number 5, and was concluded more harmful than drugs such as amphetamines, GHB, pot, and MDMA/ecstasy.

This is the whole list:

01 Heroin "Brown, Skag, Gear, Smack"
02 Cocaine "Coke, Base, Charlie, etc"
03 Barbituarates "Pink Ladies, Red Devils"
04 Methadone "The Precious, Slime, Green"
05 Alcohol
06 Ketamine "Special K, Vitamin K"
07 Benzodiazepine "Benzos, Downers"
08 Amphetamine "Speed, Whizz, Dexies, Billys"
09 Tobacco
10 Buprenorphine "Subbies, Temmies"
11 Cannabis "Dope, pot, etc"
12 Solvents "Paint, etc" (inhale)
13 4MTA "Flatliner, Golden Eagle"
14 LSD "Lucy, Trips, Paper Mushrooms, Acid, etc."
15 Methylphenidate "Vitamin R" (Class B)
16 Anabolic Steroids (class C)
17 GHB
19 Alkyl Nitrite (Poppers)  Legal
20 Khat Legal

Some of the drugs on that list were things that we don't really get here in the States (like wtf is "Khat?"), but to be fair, "meth" wasn't on that list because it doesn't seem to be an issue over there... yet. neutral  But I'm willing to bet it would be number 1 or 2 if it was.

The point is, we really need to re-evaluate what we think we know about drugs... and what we as a society unfairly think about those who use them.

After all, the BBC concluded that if alcohol were introduced at the same time that many of the other drugs in the survey were, it would be classified a Class A drug.

I think most of us are aware that alcohol was in fact illegal in this country at one time, but the feds couldn't control its illegal use, and let's be realistic: they probably missed the revenue from taxing it.

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Shauni Mary Jane

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A lot of people do drugs. If you draw attention to yourself, or have any bit of fame, people are going to notice. It's not surprising to me at all.

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Outa the Box

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DarcieK wrote:

Ugh, that is so offensive!!!

"Druggies" as you so grossly classify them do not go into it thinking "OMG I'm going to poison myself to death."

It's an addiction. They try something once, twice, three times...and their body becomes dependent on it. Relies on it to feel good.

And lots of "druggies" are addicted to completely legal prescription drugs, including alcohol.

So next time, maybe do some research on substance abuse and addiction and you won't be so ignorant about it.

well said

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Abigail Rose Hill

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I follow Ice Hockey over here quite closely and have been friends with many many players over the years. The extent of some of the drug habits I saw had me pretty shocked! I mean, these are professional athletes (admittedly in a country with a "bush league" sort of structure), and so many of them are smoking weed recreationally because it affects them less than a heavy night of drinking. Some of the more hardcore mix cocaine and MDMA into the equation if they want to go out and have a good time.

I can't bring myself to condone it, but its their life at the end of the day.

What's happened to Jael is very sad but I suspected all along she used drugs on a recreational basis based on her personality on the show. Something just didn't add up to me, and sadly this appears to have been the outcome.

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Neil Snape

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regardless if our OP has left.

I shoot some models from MM.

I can't say any have ever had a problem with drugs, and few are drug users if any. What do I know, I don't ask, and it's none of my biz.

Yet if I suspected a problem, and the model wanted to talk about it, I would help in any way I can.  I respect people, and models to know enough that if someone reaches out for help, if I can help I will.

But I also know that problems such as addictions are hard to deal with, even harder to help others cure.

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Matt Forma

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Pneumatos Photography wrote:
Methamphetamines seem to age and disfigure a person worse than any other drug!

People on Meth often scratch themselves because it can cause sores from malnutrition (people don't exactly eat well when on this stuff) or it can give them the feeling/delusion of bugs being on them from having itchy skin. Then they continue to pick at these areas... that's where the scarring comes from.
Pretty terrible.

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