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Jessica leann

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Neosho, Missouri, US

i dont have many up yet, but would love to hear your opinion

Nov 15 12 07:44 pm Link


Hola Bubbles

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US

Whats you guys opinion?

Nov 22 12 12:08 pm Link



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Florence, Toscana, Italy

This one is my favourite. Your pose and expression work very well, you are more communicative than in the other shots. Ph did a very good job both with color and composition.

Nov 22 12 12:10 pm Link



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Biloxi, Mississippi, US

Nov 22 12 06:42 pm Link


Kelsey Anne -krysallis-

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Asheville, North Carolina, US

Sure, go ahead   :-)  (I would do the same for you, but you have far to many great images to choose from)...I guess I'd have to say the vampire ones. I'm partial to vampires myself ;-)

Jan 09 13 10:45 pm Link


Andy Durazo

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Los Angeles, California, US

Check 'em out.

Jan 10 13 01:03 am Link


Jojo West

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Miami, Florida, US

Oh oh me me! smile

Jan 10 13 06:35 am Link


MidnightSun Designs

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WINSTON SALEM, North Carolina, US

whats on your mind

Jan 12 13 04:33 pm Link



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Tempe, Arizona, US

Let me know!

Jan 18 13 05:54 pm Link