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Hanford, California, US

Hey everyone,
I am new here from Hanford, CA. My name is Leslie and I just started building my portfolio. I am not experienced and would like all the advice I could get, it would be very appreciated. I just wanted to introduce myself and I hope to meet a lot of new talented people.

Thank you,

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SF Valley Photo

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Burbank, California, US

Welcome to MM.

Check out

Return to this thread for some links on recommended reading.

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Done and Gone

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Chiredzi, Masvingo, Zimbabwe

Hi there, Miss Malicious!!!

Born and raised in Fresno (I blame my parents!!).

Have fun modeling, do not allow the ants to spoil your picnic.

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Cole Morrison

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Portland, Oregon, US

Hi there! Welcome!
To get advice you will have to post in the critique forum.
Good luck!

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BOISE, Idaho, US

I'm in Fresno, if there is anything I can help with, don't hesitate to contact me.


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American Glamour

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Detroit, Michigan, US

Right smack dab in the middle between LA and the Bay.  Then again, you are close to Harris Ranch.  I love the pastries there.   That means you can go north or south and have access to some great photographers.

Welcome to MM.  I wish you the best!

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