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Johny Heat

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Saint John, Indiana, US

Note that the pay has increased to $1250.00 USD + $250 ($1500.00 total) for food, ground transportation, travel and hotel advance coverage.

Lamont Pinckney, NW Region Senior Recruiter
Jane O'Brien Photography, LA/NY
P: 425-351-9856

My Current Project is not for everybody. Only 15 guys from over 500 applicants are generally selected for my salaried Reality TV/Video projects, the latest of which has places available during the Summer and Fall of 2012 …


Accepted participants will receive an immediate meal and transportation allowance of $250.00 USD (upon arrival) and then an all-inclusive participation fee of $1,250.00 USD, in cash, after completing the entire activity. No waiting. No delays. No nonsense. Your travel expenses to Los Angeles (the shoot city), overnight lodging in a fine hotel, and return trip are parts of all compensation packages.

What I’m shooting lately is unique. It explores several situations in which attractive, ticklish, and masculine guys are actually tickled by an equally attractive female (often several) in two different restrained formats.

Often, lately, as is presently the case, I've been shooting all-male casts. It is important for you to understand from the get-go that this is not a fetish, or adult oriented content endeavor. Also, no nudity or implied nudity work is a part of anything that I ever shoot. I repeat: recent shoots have featured all-male casts.

You will always be clothed in a provided ADIDAS t-shirt and a pair of gym shorts that you should bring with you.

The actual concept of my auditions focuses on Competitive Reality Endurance Tickling. It is an athletic event.

You are ticklish. Hopefully, you hate being tickled because you can’t take being tickled.

How do you handle the tactile experience of tickling, over a period of time and in a variety of situations? How effective are you as a tickler in the reverse situation? What reactivity can you produce?

This is a video shoot, not a stills shoot. You will be on-camera in non-consecutive segments that total about 60 minutes in total duration. It’s an all-afternoon affair, as you’ll be shooting with 3 or 4 other guys. In many cases, you’ll also have an opportunity to spend time with one of my professional stills photographer who will provide you with free, high-quality still shots that I’ll touch-up and make suitable for your own portfolios!

This shoot is meant only for guys with the looks and personalities of athletes, surfers, snowboarders, lifters, extreme sports participants, the outgoing, and -- above all -- the competitive. Male fitness models and personal trainers are almost always perfect fits. Any model selected will give off an athletic vibe. The ideal model for my project has a lean muscular appearance.

ASIAN MALES ARE PARTICULARLY WELCOME TO APPLY AND ARE AT AN ADVANTAGE IN THE CONSIDERATION PROCESS. Blonde guys with long hair also merit special, but not exclusive, attention. Newbies: this is a perfect opportunity for you to gain exposure and a vital good reputation.

I am extremely selective and require accepted participants to review and sign a binding appearance contract. Simply stated, I only work with committed, reliable, and motivated guys with a solid work ethic. A model release contract is also signed for your protection and respect for my copyright. Both contracts are available for inspection before commitment, on request. Both must be signed and returned well before the shoot to guarantee your appearance and understanding that payment is dependent on complete performance of all tasks expected.

Be certain that you are ready to commit with confidence, professionalism and comfort. Last minute cancellations (as well as any changes to travel booking) are absolutely prohibited; this is not a vacation. You’ll owe me money if you don’t show, in fact! I also expect models to be independent enough to handle their own affairs. I am not down to talk with Mommy, Daddy, Grandpa, or the Abominable Snowman about a professional activity in one of the toughest markets on Earth. Respectfully, you need to be a grown-up if this gig is for you. Also, I do not work with agents or talent representatives or managers of any kind. You deserve 100% of the money you earn.

I hope that we can be a match. Know, if so, that you are among the best of the best.

Jane J. O'Brien, NY/LA

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