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Sierra Adkinss

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Mount Sterling, Kentucky, US

I took a few pictures of myself to start off with, could I have some people take a look at them and tell me what they think and what should I have done differently? It would be much appreciated! thanks (:

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Nature Coast Lightworks

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Welcome to MM!

If you looking for feedback you will have to start a thread over here:

Members are not allowed to critique in the Newbie Forum.


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Aaron Lewis Photography

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Albertex Photography

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Fresh Faces Photography

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Many new models start with self-made photos. After all, you need SOMETHING. But work as fast and as hard as you can to replace them with work by real photogs, with better cameras and more experience. Read the results of your posting in the critiques forum and contact as many as you can in your area. Then BROWSE for ALL the local photogs and contact any and all whose work you like and who will shoot TF* to schedule shoots.

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E Delsigne Photography

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Hi there!

I have found there are three things that work best to getting more traffic to your model mayhem page.

1. Visit the main page and exchange comments and list with fellow mmers. You will receive comments and traffic from doing this... sometimes immediately.

2. Participate in as many forums as possible. Make sure you have your best photo as your avatar.. this will draw people in as well.

3. Post casting calls and availability notices and work through MM as often as possible.

Hope this helps!

Erin Delsigne Photography

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Yan Tan Tethera

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It's a good enough start to take you to the next stage.

There are a lot of stages ahead.

Good luck.

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Welcome to MM!

I wish you the Best of Success in all of your endeavors out here!

Kindest regards,

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