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Lilith Lunatic

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Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany

Hey guys!

I want to visit the Torture Garden Halloween Ball in London 27th of october and will stay some more days.
I think me and my boyfriend will arrive around the 25th and stay until the 29th.
In this time I am offering one or two free shootings, preferably thursday (afternoon/evening), friday (full day!) or saturday (morning til early afternoon) Full nude is ok (no porn pls!) and I will bring a lot of Latex gear, including an exclusive new Harley Quinn cosplay made of Latex, also make up, one or two wigs and high heels.
Both of us need a sleeping accommodation for this time, because a hotel would just blow the budget. So if you can offer a girl and her boy a sofa or a spot for a camping mat (we will bring sleeping bags!) for a few days everything would be fine and I would be happy to shoot with you smile We are nice and easy going and care for everything else by our own.

I am really experienced and professional as a model and can do my own make up.

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