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You can see my hair - it's dark and long, though currently about six inches shorter than in my photos. Not too much of a difference.

I'm considering going short, curly, and dyed a vivid unnatural red. Punk it out, baby.

Anyway - I know that would launch me into the alternative modeling direction, but I have nothing else alternative about me. I'm super pale, untattooed, unpierced, unsurgeried, and naturally skinny.

If I rock out my hair, will I get stuck in a vague half-nothing land of not-natural-enough-for-nude-arts but not-punk-enough-for-our-punk?

Or is there any market at all for very natural looking girls with odd hair?

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DOBA Photography

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That is a tough call.  I love your long hair.  I'm also a fan of short hair ...even really short.  If you're just doing it for modeling, I'd say know.  I'd suggest being more creative with your hair instead of cutting it.  If you want to do it for yourself in everyday life....that is your personal decision on how you want to look. 

Good Luck.

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I feel your dilemma. I want to do something similar next year in cutting off my locks. I love doing art nude modeling and I guess it all depends on presentation. With alt modeling, I guess it would depend on the clothing, make up, and photography.

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MesmerEyes Photography

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IMO You shouldn't dye it pink if you want to keep art nude modeling. You can get some work with it short and pink in that genre but it would limit your market. If you wanted to go full blown alt model with the wardrobe, piercings ect.. you could probably get plenty of work if that is the direction you want to go.

I would work with you either way.

I prefer prefer long hair myself but that is just me.

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Vanished Gone

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The haircut and natural colour you have now is completely marketable. It always you do a variety of types of work. If you choose to go for the short dyed red style, know that your work might be limited to more alternative types of work only. If that's what you're looking to do, then I don't think you need to worry about not having tattoos and piercings. There are some great alt models who have none.

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Alabaster Crowley

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Antier wrote:
Or is there any market at all for very natural looking girls with odd hair?

I think I'm a "natural" looking girl (no tattoos, only one piercing that is hidden 99% of the time) with odd hair. My market is alt.

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The Grey Forest

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Every model I've known that have done such a dramatic cut has always regretted it!  INCLUDING your hair is too dark naturally to go lighter on such a grand scale, you will end up frying it. seriously frying it  and you will have to wait years before the damage hair is grown out and trimmed away ...its a holy mess.

So call up a few high end hair style shops in your area and get their honest advice, and what the actual consequences might be.

If you just want the illusion of shorter hair Rachael / just braid or tie it up and / or try a wig ~ (there's no easy way back after you 'chop chop) and don't let mere trends cloud your decision.

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But you haven't used your hair to it's fullest advantage yet in your portfolio. Do some more long hair work, then cut n dye.

just my 2¢

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Try a wig first?

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Chad Sterling

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I think the longer dark hair would look better than short "punk" unnatural red hair for black and white photographs (clothed and especially fine art nude). I think if you had the shorter alternative hairstyle, it would label that lifestyle on you from the audience's perspective.

Since you don't have any tattoos or piercings, it may be hard to fit that genre.. but i'm sure there's genius creativity for everything if you wanted to go down that route.

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Amelia Talon

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Antier wrote:
If I rock out my hair, will I get stuck in a vague half-nothing land of not-natural-enough-for-nude-arts but not-punk-enough-for-our-punk?

If I'm going to be honest, I have to go with probably.
Alt is already a small market, and even smaller to non-existent in Idaho.

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Right now it's long and just hangs there boringly. At the very least get a good cut, bring some layers in there to allow movement and more volume, maybe do a side part every Now and then.

I like long hair because its easier to do more styles, so i say keep it long!

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Keep it long and dark.  And, send me a note if you come to ATL.

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Keep your hair the way it is if you want to still do art nudes. Curly and a crazy color is very limiting(and damaging). Being in Idaho I would think is limiting enough.

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