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Portland, Oregon, US

Hello to all!

I'm giving this another shot after trying in 2008.  I got some nice shots back then, but couldn't make money at it at the time and had to concentrate on a full time job.

But I want to give this another shot as I think I still have potential, but am looking for photographers and advice on maybe starting up this career path again, to see if I could sustain it and enjoy it. smile

Any advice is appreciated, and thanks for the nice welcome I've received already.

Kelly Ann

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Cole Morrison

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Portland, Oregon, US

Hi from a fellow Portlander. Welcome back! People cannot offer advice on modeling to you in this forum, but you can remake a thread in the critique section and people would be happy to help you.
Best of luck!

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JDF Photography

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Good morning and welcome back!

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Nature Coast Lightworks

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Welcome back!


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David Thorpe

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Brandon, Florida, US

Welcome.  Nice port.

I found a blog that I think would be helpful for anyone trying to build a modeling career.  She stopped blogging about a year ago but it's still up and great advice.

Best of luck to you.

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T Brown

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Traverse City, Michigan, US

Welcome to MM and Welcome Back. Wish you the very best of luck but mostly have fun and make art.

btw, nice port, beautiful.

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welcome back. we're in salem if you need a TF photographer.

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Welcome back, neighbor!!

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Portland, Oregon, US

Thanks to everyone for the welcome and the advice. smile

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