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Jenni Defalco

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Stevenage, England, United Kingdom

I'm predominatly a bridal artist working with everyday women and clients in makeover studios. Most of the clients I see have regular tans, facials, nails, eyelashes the lot!

I am a trainned in airbrush tanning and some other beauty treatments such as facials & brow shaping but don't currently offer them, I want to learn other treatments such as eyelash extensions and nails so I can offer them to my clients.

After discussing with a MUA friend she suggested adding these kind of treatments to my make up packages would cheapen the experience. Instead of being a make up specialist I would fall into the category of Beauty therapist and it may turn people off of booking.


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If you take the time to truly understand and become competent in new services and skills, then that diversification can't hurt your reputation. The key is just to be good at it and market it to the proper channels. Sure, if you try and push it all on every client, it will make you look desperate, which can turn a lot of high-end clients off.

Also, be aware that the equipment and products for all those services adds up. Not just in money, but in transportation woes. It can be hard enough transporting one kit, imagine carting around 3, 4, or 5?

I think your best bet is to pick a service that you think you'll enjoy that will make you a decent amount of money and take it on. After you've mastered it, see how it goes, then take on another after a while if you still need to fill work time.

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Heather J M

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A friend of mine runs a very successful bridal makeup artist network for her own services and those of vetted paying member artists (I've dipped in and out of membership - it always pays its way but Im not primarily a bridal artist) and she offers tans, nails and hair extensions and some of the member artists have further diversification such as mehndi art, beauty therapy and mobile hairdressing. It seems to be that the extras are often taken up in advance of the day, with the same hair/makeup needed on the morning, and from what I see of my friend, it's highly profitable and helps keep her manically busy.

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Angel Graves

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It is definitely difficult to see others profiting from those add on services you have experience with!
Rather than a cheapened experience you need to consider how you plan to market those add on's to see if it even benefits you to include them. I.E. A shop specified in sprayy tans can turn out X tans per day at X price because that's all they do. Can you tote that equipment to a location and compare to their pricing?  If not then it's not a service you will likely provide.

I do feel proper brow shaping to a bride is well worth the offer in a package wink
If you can provide this as a slight up charge to your regular package offer then by all means include it!

I hope this makes sense and if you would like more business advice I'm happy to give what I can, DM me smile

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rick lesser

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I don't see any reason for you not to offer extra services if your good at them.  You have taken the time to educate yourself so why would you not want to use these skills to expand your services and your wallet?  When I market myself you bet I let people know what services I can offer besides hair.  And within hair services alone comes, styling, cutting, color, keratin treatments.  Why would I want to leave money on the table?   R-

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Lindsey Goldstein

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I would think about what it is that you like to do. If you enjoy doing facials, tanning, lash extensions etc then I don't see the harm in offering those services. But I would say to make sure you're fully confident in doing whatever you offer, sometimes trying to do too many things, something will suffer. I started in makeup and then later went to esthetics school, I love the esthetic aspect and I'm learning lashes now and love it. I certainly don't think that doing other services will cheapen you as an artist.

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A fellow makeup artist that I know does spray tanning.  She makes good money off of it also.  Do it!! Why not!

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