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Miss AY

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Boston, Massachusetts, US

Hey all, I'm hoping for a push in the right direction with this. I have a shoot tomorrow evening, and me and the photographer are going for a vintage/retro feeling boudoir style. Thinking pin-up, old hollywood glamour, type of look.

We are having a hairstylist on the set, but I need some inspiration photos to send. Only problem is that I have fairly short hair still. I just had it trimmed yesterday and now it's a tad bit above jaw length with slight side bangs.

One thought I had was the standard victory rolls, my hair is just long enough to handle those. I also love this style:

and this as well

But I would love other thoughts and ideas on how to help translate my short hair into a more retro style.

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Hair Stylist

Angel Graves

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Fort Collins, Colorado, US

If your hair is cut in the style of that Liz Taylor photo you can roller set it and brush with a natural bristle brush to achieve that look. The second would be pin curls and much harder to do on your own!

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Makeup Artist


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If it's short with a fade in the back - do a fingerwave! 20s or 30s hairstyles

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Makeup Artist

Jaime Criel Makeup

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fingerwaves for sure!

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Bella la Bell

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Pin rolls would be really nice on you. Do some playing around and find something you like.

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Miss AY

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Boston, Massachusetts, US

Just wanted to share what we ended up doing - the stylist curled and teased my hair, then did the front in victory rolls smile

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