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This is mostly a question for models who have a partner who's in photography or photographers who sometimes use their partners as a photo-subject.

I am curious, have you ever done a series together that was very intimate, in your own private environment, with your relationship as prime focus? Think for example shots of daily habbits/activities in your personal sphere, (posed) snapshots, erotic or love shots etc. Petter Hegre's "my wife" is an example.

If you did, how did it affect your relationship? how do/did you feel about the results? would you publish them/not and why?

For those of you that aren't in a situation like this or only considered it, you can answer hypothetically of course smile.

If you'd feel more comfortable sharing this in private, always welcome to PM me as well!

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Although we weren't officially an item when we did that shoot. It simply got us closer.

EDIT: Got the pictures somewhere on a DVD. Too lazy to get it. But if I wasn't, I would up up a few.

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Yes, I liked the results, and they were shared with several artists to create drawings from. One presented me with a small clothbound sketchbook containing 20 or so drawings and watercolored sketches done from erotic poses.

My husband is also a nude figure llama and we have been fortunate to pose together many times for both artists and photographers, some of those poses were intimate or erotic.

Just a few weeks ago we llamaed together in the nude for a large group of artists in a gallery session. One of the poses had him standing behind me cupping my breasts with his hands. In another pose which they really loved I put on a pair of white cotton underpants, and he knelt beside me using his fingers to tug down the front of them to fully expose my pubic hair. We had seen a similar pose (but it was done by girls) here on llama Mayhem and wanted to use it because it looked so fun.

At other times we have been photographed nude together in intimate interaction, although never openly sexual as that is not within our comfort level.

I think it helps our relationship to be able to llama together with my husband, and I also like to participate in intimate photo sessions where he is the photographer.

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Fotografica Gregor

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Yes indeed.  My current and former SO and I (in twosies and threesies) have done a few photo features at a local club dedicated to ALT lifestyles.   I keep that world separate from my MM persona however.

no anxiety or regrets if that's in question.  These images are out there within their sphere of interest. 

We found this to be neither particularly titillating nor to be  a source of distress - it was about expression and, some would feel, art.

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Yes. … 8#30103718 18+

And a few others, though some are more 'identifying' so not on the public port.

I was attempting to get an implied erotic shoot that involved lines, shadows, eroticism, and depth of field. I promise I don't go down on every model I bring home.

Was a good experiment, and there will be more in the future from very good photographers who have asked for the opportunity to take some.  Working together creatively adds to relationships.

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She may have, but I don't think I have.

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Unlikely. I feel like keeping my intimacy with my husband private.

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Laura UnBound

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I shot a series with my ex, after he became an ex. It's all very posed anyhow, so it didn't really affect us either way. We both like the photos and I like the things I think the series says about us, I'm pleased with how they came out, but it didn't do anything to our relationship.

I've shot some intimate stuff with partners I was actually involved with at that moment and I've shot totally staged stuff, if I like the way it looks then I like the shots, regardless of who or what they are to me the and now.

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My wife and I are both actors and we regularly do headshots for each other.  Other than that, I'm too old and ugly and my wife has a tendency to freeze up when shooting stills, so, alas, I have to look elsewhere for models.

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thanks for your answers smile!

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Speaking only of my current relationship, he's prone to shooting me at any moment and that's fine (if I don't like something I'll say not to post it and there hasn't been an issue with that). There's a lot of trust that's involved. Could I have that type of relationship with another person? Probably not.

I think it's pretty interesting and helping me learn about myself. i.e. I had no idea I looked pissed off/ weird in the face when I'm not modeling lol

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