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Mea Culpa

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Flagstone Images wrote:
Critique welcomed

The one decent image in your portfolio:
Although, your images are so tiny it's disadvantageous for two reasons. 1. Potential models can't see enough detail to see whether your shots are well edited or in focus. 2. Images that are really small are typically stolen from other sources, so some people may reach the conclusion that these are not your images.

Your portfolio needs a lot of work and a massive clean up. It seems like some of the shots were taken recently and some were taken years and years ago. Throw the old bad images away. This series was awfully styled, badly lit and just plain confusing. Did she fall into a box and get attacked by the 80's? Horrible image, bad lighting. Weird vampire-like vibe going on, except the vampire is a creepy skinny dude. Just say NO to selective coloring. Tacky and cliche. Just say NO to girl on girl on girl on girl handbras! Goth girl in a fig tree. Boring and bad make up. This is totally useless in your port. Doesn't tell a model if you can take a god photograph of her. We don't care if you can photograph a car. I can't believe you made this poor girl pose like this and then actually put the picture up on the internet... This is an out take. It isn't doing you or her any good whatsoever.

What can you do? Go through your portfolio and remove anything older than 1 year old. Your old work is such a stark contrast in ability and quality to your new work, and it is dragging your better work down. Upload larger images so that we can actually see the quality of the images and post work. You need to learn how to shoot natural light. Stop doing weird fancy costumes, complicated ideas and strange poses, and concentrate on taking well lit and well composed images. Keep it simple! Your strongest point seems to be studio portraits, so work from there. Here is some inspiration for outdoors stuff: … o1_500.jpg … o1_500.jpg … o1_500.jpg

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love to know!

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Me?  smile

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Mea Culpa

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KW-photo wrote:
Not sure I'm ready for it but hit me with it Mea

Best in your portfolio: BUT, this was taken at a Peter Coulson workshop. Te problem with that is that it's not your lighting set up. It's his. So while I like the shot a lot, it doesn't show me what YOU can do. It shows me what you can do with Peter lighting your shot for you. This is great! Good concept and well executed. This is miles better than your other images. It's great because this image shows me that you are improving and getting better.

... at least that's what I thought until I saw this: You were doing so well until you over edited this! Her skin is so blurred and smoothed, this photo is horrible. Kerry, you have a tendency to over edit, and you need to get out of this habit.
Also get rid of: Your camera wan't set up right for this lighting and I know Natasha looks 100 times more beautiful than she is here. It's a bad angle of her face in shadow. Soooo boring, and I have no idea why two girls are playing dress ups in a laundromat. Is this all they did? Do they know how to model? Did you know what you wanted?

Okay, what sparked my interest: Well executed, and thank heavens you did not overdo the editing! Her back shoulder is at a funny angle and the crop is a bit off, but I like where this is going, and I like that you've done it well. I'd love to see you continue to develop this idea and skill. Here is some B&W portrait inspiration: … o1_500.jpg … o1_500.jpg … o1_500.jpg

Keep at it Kerry!

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Bronte Beetson wrote:
Would love some constructive criticism please!

You're lovely, this is going to be fun! smile But I'm gonna be very picky, because you're so beautiful every shot from you SHOULD be stunning.

First thing that leaps at me is that you change your hair colour, so it's a good idea to have a short sentence in your profile telling photographers what your current hair colour is.

Okay, down to business.

Love: It's a simple portrait and it shows me that you have a gorgeous face with near perfect features. You could do some really awesome work. However, this is the only image that really stood out to me because the rest are unimpressive, mostly because the photographers are not doing a good job. This is nice and shows off your great profile, but the photographer was not using the light well and wasn't photographing your height well either. Post just the profile shot, because the other images in this composite are not good.

So most of your other shots are let down because the photographers do not know what they're doing. However, it's also really obvious that you do not know how to pose: This is a terrible pose and it reduces your height while making your body look blocky. Your expression is also uncertain and stiff. Silly and amateur. Do you want to make silly pictures or really gorgeous images? You are slouching.

What I want to see from you: You need to start looking for better photographers to collaborate with. You should have no trouble finding them because you have agency standard measurements, height and features.  Seriously, you should be able to walk into an agency and get signed.If you put in enough effort you could do fantastic work in a short amount of time, but you have to get serious an put in the work, otherwise it will pass you by. You need to start taking your posing seriously and teach yourself what poses work for fashion. Start looking at good photographs so that you get a feel for posing and for the standard of images you should be posing for. here is some starter inspiration: … o1_500.jpg … enmohn-com … o1_500.jpg

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Alicia Hansen

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18+ … 1#30207431 18+
I love this carefree vibe and adore the soft tone of this series. Very gorgeous work.

18+ … 5#29458855 18+
Just not feeling it, personally. I like the other one from the same set, but in this one, the composition is odd to me, and I am really distracted by the awkwardly darker shadow on your face.

What I'd Like to See:
I would honestly LOVE to see some beauty work from you. I can see you have a gorgeous face with great angles that would be fantastic to photograph, but there aren't really any shots which REALLY focus in on it.
I think if you could add some beauty shots, you'd be absolutely solid. smile

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Maggie Xia

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oh yes pls! I really need this smile

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