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Garwolin, Mazowieckie, Poland

Hello everyone,

as the topic says, I need some critique and a piece of advice about future career path. If you have free time please look at my works at:


and write your reflections about the quality. Also if you want you can look at other graphic's works (3d, digital paintings etc.).

And why I wrote about "advices for future career"? So... at the moment I am in a bad point and think that last 4-5 years of learning 3d, digital art, retouch etc. were a waste of time... I couldn't find any good full-time job connected with these skills and freelance job was also some kind of misunderstanding.
Maybe during this time I found 2-3 well paid freelance job - few for 5 years... In other situations people wanted to pay me 3$ for retouch, 10$ for photomanipulation, 60$ for 3d home visualization. So here is the question - am I really so bad in what I do? If further work as a digital artist is pointless?

Lukasz Liszko

Oct 23 12 06:04 am Link

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Ankara, Ankara, Turkey

although you possess many skills and talents you are not really a master of any of them...except maybe 3d smile

If I were you I would choose one of the three (being photography related, 3d or painting/drawing) and focus on that using the other skills as support.

I wish I had traditional and 3d skills you have smile

Oct 23 12 06:46 am Link

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Garwolin, Mazowieckie, Poland

Yeah, I like the most 3d graphics and I wanted to do this mainly. But through the last 4 years prices in this branch fell down terribly in my country so I was forced to learn a lot of other things - dtp, webdesign, retouch, photomanipulations (even in basic level) - to earn some money. In connection with that I neglected 3d art. In last years I've tried to return to it in many ways (combining it with photography in photomanipulations, as small elements in webdesign etc.) but still prices were too low. Of course I had many interested customers but expectations from them were huge and price was small... 20$-60$ for 20+ hours job was not a great deal...

Koray, so you think that I should stop learning retouching/making photomanipulations regarding to what you can see in my portfolio and there is no possibility to find a well-paid job in this branch for me at the moment?

Oct 23 12 11:23 am Link


Paul Snyder

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Columbus, Ohio, US

I would have to agree with Koray in a way.

I just don't see much in your retouching portfolio to consider you a retoucher who could one day make a lot of money. That's not to say you couldn't one day, I'm just not sure if your portfolio reflects that. 

Hang in there.  Even super amazing retouchers/artists can't find work these days. You're not alone.

Oct 24 12 12:32 am Link