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Derek Fuller

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Vancouver, Washington, US

I did a body painting photo and would like some honest feed back i did the painting the photo and the retouching.

Oct 23 12 07:04 pm Link


Warren Leimbach

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Tampa, Florida, US

The idea of using the baby bump as a canvas is interesting.

The actual execution of the paint job is kind of rough.  I am not a painter so I can't say much more here.

The photo is weak and doesn't do much beyond documenting the paint job.  You need to consider what you are trying to say with all the details under your control - models pose, her expression, the makeup, your lighting, the setting, props, etc.  Why did you choose that wall?  Why that shirt?  Why that wrist band?   Why did you choose to cast that shadow on the right side?

Is she a goddess?  Mother Earth?  Some surreal woman with a window in her belly?  Where are you going with this?

I suggest you go back and try this again and consider the story behind the image.

Good luck in your studies.


Oct 30 12 08:25 pm Link