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I have some new pictures up, basically top 2 rows. What advice/critique/compliments (yay! big_smile) would you give me?
I know I need more full-body shots, I recently did a shoot making some, but I have to wait a little to see the results (:

Link to port:

Nov 06 12 11:50 am Link



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I like #2 very much.

Nov 06 12 11:52 am Link


Affinity Finch

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Ahaha!  I love the stashie one! smile The 2nd I love too! I want to go on a listing spree in your portfolio! I cant wait to see the full body shots too! smile Great job beautiful! I adore your eyes too! smile

Nov 06 12 11:57 am Link


Tracii Taylor

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I really like #7.

Nov 06 12 03:10 pm Link


Chantel Storm II

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I love the tone of this, maybe if hair was a little out of face I'd love more.

My favorite because I am all for personality displaying! Just adore!

Nov 06 12 10:29 pm Link



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Thanks for the opinions!

Nov 08 12 11:23 am Link


Diana Duong

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Whoa I love them all.. I really like the blue sweater one.  Your pose, facial expression, the lighting and colour is striking.  You can rock a lot of outfits..

Nov 08 12 11:59 am Link


Azimuth Arts

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I really like this shot:

This is a bit different than some of your past work so I think it makes a reasonable addition, but the image doesn't jump out at me.

The rest of the newer shots don't really do much for me, and I don't think they add anything new that isn't already in your existing portfolio.

Nov 08 12 12:39 pm Link