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Denton, Texas, US

Is it too much to have a fan page and Model Mayhem....what is better to network on?

Here is my page on FB not sure what to do to improve it.

Nov 08 12 12:40 pm Link


Diana Duong

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

It's never too much lol.. the more you network, the better so networking on more community sites is good.  Love your photos btw.

Nov 08 12 12:49 pm Link


Dave Luyando

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Spring, Texas, US

I agree with the above post.  Never too much networking. 

I personally get more activity on my fb page.  I think it is because I live in an area where models are non-existent.  I move to South Florida next I hope my MM page picks up.   If just means MMers think my work sucks. sad is my fb page.

Nov 08 12 01:53 pm Link