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Zoe Pinheiro

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Los Angeles, California, US

Hey! smile Ive been updating my page since I've been in LA let me know what you think of my new work!smile
Ill do the same


^more work smile

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Seattle, Washington, US

You're gorgeous, and I love the editorial style of your images.  The bicycle pics on Tumblr are awesome! smile

That being said, I would love to see more clear portraits, and some beauty images in your port here on MM.  You have a lovely face, but most of the images you have posted are very desaturated and washed out (which I love), but it leaves me wanting to see your beautiful face in more detail. 

I think you're pretty much covered for editorial type images, so try to ad some more variety. Best of luck!

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Los Angeles, California, US

I think you are gorgeous and you have some COOL work.
But not anything really marketable.

Because you are so pretty you should try shooting a bit more beauty.. like your Avi.

Keep up the good work!

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Boston, Massachusetts, US

perfect avatar- like this, wish the shadow did not hide you face

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Unseelie Allure

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Coram, New York, US

I would utterly die to shoot with you if you were ever in NY. You have a very nice raw high fashion appeal to your look and I would love to see more avaunt-gaurde images of that vein.

Was one of the first images i clicked - certainly loved it. I think it's also the closest to a classic beauty shot in your port so far.

I also really loved seeing this one!

Nov 10 12 07:36 pm Link


Christopher Meadows

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Lynchburg, Virginia, US

I agree about shooting more beauty shots. Though your tumblr pics REALLY remind me of a Levis add/commercial.

Really like a majority of the shots in your port.

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Dave Luyando

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Spring, Texas, US

Wonderful expressions.  You really give great face.  More face...more fashion/beauty.

Would LOVE to work with you.


Nov 10 12 07:54 pm Link


Silverstone Productions

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Eugene, Oregon, US

You are quite beautiful! I love your work, and I think that you will be very successful. You are definitely very talented. There's really nothing for you to improve on that I can see!

Nov 10 12 07:55 pm Link