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Norman Ding

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Eros Fine Art Photo wrote:
#1 is definitely the best.  Great location, good pose, good mood, good composition, good lighting, etc.  I can't help but think it would be far more compelling as a black & white image though.  It would really isolate the model from the rest of the image and, IMHO, make the mood that much deeper.

+1 for black & white image

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^^ I was just thinking that #1 would look amazing in B&W also perhaps. I really think that your use of the crop on that shot makes it very successful as well to make your eyes follow the lines of the space that she is in. Nice work!

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Well, my issue with #1 is the position of her head. The image would have been stronger had her head been at a different angle (probably tilted up).

#2 is beautifully lit.

#3 should have been cropped differently. The foreground is problematic. Someone else mentioned this I think.

#4 The pose doesn't work well at all.

In ALL of your images... you show that you have a really good eye for picking JUST the right location.  Your background as a landscape photographer serves you well!

Kind regards!

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James S

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I have to agree with a lot of the others that the first one is an amazing shot.

Great location, I may have to see about driving up there for a photo shoot sometime.

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Neil Snape

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1 is perfect but did you desat the rocks a bit? I'd make the skin saturation less chromatic, to match the rocks then.

The others are very nice too.

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To tell you the truth I think your shots would be better with out the model-  Interesting landscapes and then an incongruous nude. Its hard to pull off, and may be better to just go even more explicit than subtle. But in photo one- would be MUCH better cropped to just about half the height- just water and stones I mean

In looking at your port even photo #5 would be better with out the model

#7,12 work well - I like # 15 but the clothes arent right. Dress too bright and not the right style but the photo works as it reminds me of Wyeths Christina's World.

Makes me wonder if Ansel Adams ever shot nude in his glorious photos and how he would have done it.

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Nadia Ruslanova

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lo lo lo loVE!

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Neil Snape wrote:
1 is perfect but did you desat the rocks a bit? I'd make the skin saturation less chromatic, to match the rocks then.

The others are very nice too.

The whole image was desaturated evenly. There is just very little colour in the rocks to start with. I might look at desaturating the skin further, depending on how the image looks when I get it printed.

I spent some time working on the image in b&w, but I found the model would get lost in the busy creek bed. Specifcally the rocks to her left ended up being a very similar pale shade as her skin; they kept pulling my eyes to the left instead of having her pose drive my eyes upwards into the image, basically they became a distraction. But that's just me smile

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Congratulation to you and your model for producing some very wonderful and exceptional images.

Love them all!

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M Pandolfo Photography

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Love 1 & 2.

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I'm pretty much inline with the other comments above. Great work Dan. Inspiring smile

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