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Nadia Ruslanova

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Tampa, Florida, US

would you say i am?

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Fotografica Gregor

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Alexandria, Virginia, US

Nadezhda Repina wrote:
would you say i am?

Generally 5'9-6'0 at size 0/2 with a desired proportion very close to 34 24 34 

but there are exceptions

why not attend open calls or contact agencies in your area and see what happens?

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Jhono Bashian

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Cleveland, Ohio, US

I think your height and dress size are OK and that your very marketable for the midwest. If you were in Cleveland I could see you being a Docherty agency gal.
Good Luck and have fun.

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Jean Renard Photography

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Los Angeles, California, US

1-Agency standard girls generally fit within a narrow physical range, there are always a few exceptions but too few to deal with in this kind of a context.

2-Agency standard also implies great performance, an integrated look/portfolio and finally

3- A presentation that reflects the needs of the marketplace in which the agency operates.

You have the general height, and if you are in great shape then the next thing you will need, is to work better on camera.  For now you show no emotion or "spark".  Your photos are sub par as well, plus you have different hair color and lengths.

Most models here are hobbyists, pros are another thing entirely.  Decide what you want to be.

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M Pandolfo Photography

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Tampa, Florida, US

Technically, height/size, yes, you meet those requirements.

However, and this is just my opinion and is very subjective, I don't see an Agency Model.

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DVP Photography

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Broomfield, Colorado, US

You might be.  No need to ask here.  Just go to some agencies and find out.

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angel emily

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Boston, Massachusetts, US

You might try going to some open calls.  You might get some work as a commercial model.

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New Orleans, Louisiana, US

If you think you have the means and time to put a couple months into working on building your portfolio with accomplished photographer and your physique. I do see commercial potential.

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Melodye Joy

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Rancho Cucamonga, California, US

You meet the "standard" requirements, yes.

I'd suggest you be particular with whom you collaborate with, pay for a shoot but don't over pay. I myself have paid dues for shoots, but I always inquire if wardrobe, makeup, styling is or is not included.
NEVER use just anyone with a camera, I can take a mean photo myself but is it publish, agency, or portfolio worthy? No..

Don't be discouraged by the "standards" either!

You do what you feel is best! Take a risk and ask an agency, check open calls/ never know if you don't TRY. smile

As a petite (5'2", 100 lbs) I am far less than standard and I have been published multipule times, did an entire beauty line/AD session just a few months ago, worked with high profile artists (photographers, stylists, ect)...

Lastly, I suggest you submit to Europe and around the world...don't box yourself into Texas or around home...
Your look favors that of Italy in my opinion.

Good luck and God bless!
-Melodye Joy

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Nadia Ruslanova

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Tampa, Florida, US

This is very helpful! Thank you everyone! I'm going to try to set up some shoots where we can do more "lively" shots. Don't worry, I can smile cry laugh and pout, just gotta get it on camera haha

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