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Nikki Richards

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Los Angeles, California, US

Any tips from pros on what I should be doing differently or continue to do or work on? Things like that.. smile

Nov 11 12 06:32 pm Link


Josie Lee

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I think you have a great look, and character to your unique face. Maybe go talk to Otto Models in LA?

Nov 11 12 06:41 pm Link


Jean Renard Photography

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Los Angeles, California, US

This is good news bad news.
You have a great face but few great shots.
At 140lbs you might consider dropping 10- or more, LA talent are generally small though not as small as NY fashion talent

LA is bar none the hardest city in the world to make it despite the massive amount of work that exists.  You are not SAG I presume and that will be the next hurdle.

Redheads are popular right now, jump to it, you have all the basics going for you, now you need to fine tune yourself and build a proper book so you can get a solid agent.  Agencies rarely spend time to develop talent  here in LA, typically you need to prove that you can work the very next day.

You could work and do well, but you need to get packaged.

Nov 12 12 01:39 am Link



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Minneapolis, Minnesota, US

Keep only the greatest images in your portfolio
While these may not be the strongest images they do show what you have to offer

Wish you well

Nov 12 12 06:00 am Link