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A Jones Photography UK

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Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

I have been doing photography on & off for a few years now and have finally compiled a portfolio that I am relatively happy with. I know there is still loads of work to do.. I know that there are images far from perfect.. but I feel I am happy in the direction I am heading in.

I have been working on portraits recently and would love some feedback on my current portfolio.

What do you think?



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Minneapolis, Minnesota, US

The eyes seem soft
Minimal expression
Suggest cropping the window out as it is a distraction [photo left]
White top seems to have lost detail

Rim light would help separate the model from the background
Raise chin up slightly
Move models right arm just slightly away from side will have a slimming effect as upper arm will not be squished
If you put the hands together have her hold something like a red rose in this case
Move hair behind right shoulder this will open up her neck

With out the wall in her face this would have been a nice image
Fix the hair models left shoulder looks messy
Best to move hair behind shoulder
Lower shoulder left side this will yield a long neck

Looks out of focus, the eyes especially
Black hair has no detail
Raise camera to eye level
Twisted undergarment straps
Left forearm cut in half
[If you show the elbow include the hand]

You seem to be off to a good start, just a few issues with details

Wish you well

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A Jones Photography UK

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Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

I agree with everything you said (you picked up on a few things I missed). I need to work on the details.

Thanks for your feedback!


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The Gross Bite

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Hmmmm... same llama, same outfit, same basic pose, multiple images in a row.

Variety counts.

Just my opinion.

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I agree, I would definitely cut down to one image of the white ruffle blouse look and choose one of the black tank top.  Quanity is not nearly as important as you think, but perhaps if you went back to your raws you might find a replacement from the black tank top look.

I think the lingerie looks at the bottom of the portfolio are some of your stronger images.

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