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Anthony Capobianco

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Walpole, Massachusetts, US

Hello my fellow Photographers and Models!

I was going through my portfolio and I was hoping to get some critique from other photographers.  I'm open to any kind of criticism.  Positive and negative are welcome.

Thanks y'all!

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Aaron Lewis Photography

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Catskill, New York, US

Just a few quick observations.

Your images are VERY contrasty, I think a little to much for most of the subject matter. Is that HDR?

Secondly your watermark is a killer. Way to loud to be discreet. If that's what you're after, it's working but it takes away from the images.

I think things are over worked in post as well

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Cairns, Queensland, Australia

Ok, first thing's first, I really don't like your water mark. It is very distracting and completely takes away from every photo you have put it on.
The design is ok, but it needs to be smaller and monochrome... and maybe even bump the opacity down a little bit. (IMHO)

Your photography is actually pretty cool. You have a style going on, which is great.
One thing I think you should keep in mind is to choose models that are appropriate for what you are shooting. If you are going to use 'high fashion' poses, choose high fashion models (generally tall and slim) otherwise it can look a little strange.

Also, another thing I was told very recently is to be really ruthless when it comes to images you use in your port. Only pick the very best of the best in each shoot.
(I've found that generally speaking, the best images are the ones with the most views/comments/lists etc.)

This is awesome:

This is good:
(although it would have been bumped up to awesome if her eyes were a bit more in focus)


Again, this is just my opinion. smile
Happy shooting!

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Orca Bay Images

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Poulsbo, Washington, US

Yeah, the stamp is terribly overbearing. I recommend reducing it in intensity and size. And maybe make it a little transparent.

Your fashion shots (top row):

First image is good, though the mode is a high too high in the frame.

The other three fashion images are dismal.
The fashion is lost in the bad composition. The black dress disappears into the shadows. And you cut off the model's feet.
We get a better look at the clothing, but the model is terribly wrong for this. She needs makeup, she's hunched over and she looks angry and dour. That's no way to show off the fashion.
In the left image you cut off her hand and that pose highlights the model's biggest faults. The right image is ho-hum.

The sugar skull series (second row):
Excellent makeup, but all need some hairlight or backlight. Too much of them disappears into the background.

Third row:
Too much blowout. And the guy in the back (white top) is largely lost against the blown-out sky. Either get that light under control or get the band to wear more appropriate clothing.
The piano player image is way too soft and her face needs some postprocessing. The contrast might work here.
Buckethead is in dire need of some fill flash.
You cut off the right guy's feet and there's some nasty lens flare over his face. lots of motion-blur in the left guy. Interesting concept.

Fourth row:
She's not only lost against that very busy background, the darkest part of her is lost against the darkest part of the background.
This one's good. Crop a little tighter onto her, but this is good, IMO.

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The Gross Bite

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Lansing, Michigan, US

Lessee, you are trying to attract models who want their faces painted so they are unrecognizable... or am I missing something?

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