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Having spent hours perusing the user manual, the Canon website, the available CF and SD cards and the forums I have decided on the following professional configuration for my Canon 5D Miii memory card setup.

I will use a 16GB Eye-Fi card in the SD Slot.  Only "L" JPEGS will be written to this card.
I will use a 32GB 1000x LEXAR CF Card in the CF Slot.  RAW Images will be written to this card.
I have also purchased a 15ft miniHDMI to HDMI cable for previewing images on my HD TC/Monitor.
I also purchased a backup (secondary) 32G CF card, as one card usually remains full for a while during post processing in Lightroom, so its useful to have a second card available.

I purchased all of these items in Nov 2012 on a local South African online store that more or less mirrors the Amazon store for South African customers, and all told it cost me just less than $1000.
Please see copy of the invoice attached, with exact part numbers listed.

Using this setup I can readily accommodate the following desirable's:
1.  Fastest CF read capability to download RAW files for post processing.
2.  Live WiFi dump to laptop (without a WiFi router present) for full screen image previews during my shoot.
3.  Quick camera body controlled previews on an HDMI monitor via cable.
4.  Wireless file transfer of at least the JPEGs from the Eye-Fi SD card to my desktop PC. 
5.  I only shoot RAW in professional situations, and I don't mind using a cable to download off the CF card under those conditions.  In fact, I would rather cable transfer my precious RAW files than have them wirelessly transferred.
6.  The 1000x LEXAR cards will give me the fastest continuous / sustained write speed for fastest fps during action shooting.
7.  The 1000x LEXAR cards will give me the boost in read speed during cable wired RAW file uploads to my PC.
8.  I hope to be able to find an andriod app for my motorola/samsung tablet that will live view the Eye-Fi JPEGS during the shoot.  I find that giving the model access to the images live really improves their confidence, as well as allows them to adjust facial / postures dynamically during the shoot.

I will update here on the success of this setup once all my toys arrive in 2 weeks from the USA.

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Neil Snape

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Yes that should work but why Canon didn't put the port to a USB 3 as Nikon did is a let down.

I don't use a WiFi card but will use a second 16 or 32GB SD card as a secondary. I usually start off tethered for w a session but unplug after 20 or so images. My old computer slows down after that with LR tethering. OR C1 for that matter.

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