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Katy G

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Yucaipa, California, US

I'm making my wishlists for Xmas and my birthday, which is also coming up in December. My mom and fiance have been instructed to buy nothing for me and give presents to my kit instead. LOL

With their limited budgets in mind, I'm trying to ask for products that can work for the most purposes and with as many skin types as possible. Through all my researching, I've narrowed it down to these two moisturizers as having the best reviews. So, I'd like know, if you had to pick between the two, which one would you choose and why? If you've only used one, what do you like about it? smile

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everyone I know says the embryolisse is the best

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Shiny Arnautovic

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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

I have both in my kit and use both. I like Embryolisse on normal/combo skin, where as Oxyderm is really lovely on dry/dehydrated skin. I find myself reaching for Oxyderm more as I like the texture and finish better. Also, not crazy about Embryolisse scent and texture/finish is meh to me. the finish is kinda sticky for me.

I vote Oxyderm. Really nice stuff.

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Dianna Quagenti

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Boston, Massachusetts, US

Both are fantastic but I favor Embryolisse (Lait-Crème Concentrè). It gives such an amazing texture and natural glow to the skin. It also plumps up the skin beautifully and gives a nice slip. The Oxyderm has almost a gel like consistency that absorbs quickly into the skin, very nice texture but not quite as much slip.  I don't like to carry a ton of stuff so I go for things that transform the skin's texture the most and the Embryolisse gets my vote for that!

Hope that helps!

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Dani Jaye

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Princeton, New Jersey, US

I've only every used the Embryolisse-Lait not the other (although I am intrigued) and I truly adore it.  I find it in no way tacky or sticky, I guess if you used too much it could be tacky until it dries.  It's so beloved because it works on even the most sensitive of skins.  I've also used the Embryolisse eye cream on its own and as the medium when I need to mix my own corrector for strong discolorations.  I use the eye cream and mix in a touch of color(s) from my MUFE Flash Palette.  Orlando Santiago taught me that in his hands on color theory class.

If you decide to request the Embryolisse, I suggest getting the larger size vs the smallest.  You will want to use it and try it on yourself I'd bet. The small original size tube goes too fast for my liking wink

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Katy G

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Yucaipa, California, US

I'm going to keep both on my list, but I'd like to highlight one as a higher priority with my other top choice items.

Thanks for the responses, so far! smile

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my store sells both (the only 2 moisturizers we sell) I love them both.

I use the Graftobian Oxyderm on myself because I'm prone to breakouts with anything heavier

I use both in my kit... I pull out Embryolisse the most because I think it has a faster response time on fine lines and that's what I look for on set.

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Katy G

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Yucaipa, California, US

Mary wrote:
my store sells both

Already ahead of you! LOL You'll be getting my business either way. smile

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