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Fort Jones, California, US

I just started shooting with local models, I've done weddings, engagements, landscapes, etc., but would like feedback on these images:

IMG_1154b by AMandM, on Flickr

IMG_1141 by AMandM, on Flickr

IMG_1127 by AMandM, on Flickr

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Stephanie Yakir

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US

Please ignore this. I've just visited your profile. Keep on keeping on!

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DVP Photography

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You are doing well.  I see in your photos a good command of both outdoor and indoor lighting (I particularly look for good light in the model's eyes).  Composition is good but tends to be a little static.  For starters get things off the center point.

Keep working at it, you are doing better than most at this point.

Nov 16 12 08:38 pm Link