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Autumn Rose Brightly

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Crowley, Texas, US

I am looking to improve in any way I can, please feel free to give me your input.

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Stephanie Yakir

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US

Over all I really like your look and your attitude. I would have liked to see more information in your "about me", perhaps what direction you would like to go in and what sort of photographers should contact you.

I was really bipolar with your pictures, either I really loved them or really hated them. Here are some highlights.

First the bad news:

1st picture - I think your smiling just a bit too wide, or may its the camera angle... but I don't think its very flattering.

6th - I guess the high pronounced cheek bones are something to aim for, but its very obvious that your just biting your cheeks, which leads to a less than flattering expression.

9th - Again that very stressed and unnatural facial expression.

13 & 14 - This probably more of a problem with your photographer (or whoever did the post editing) than with you (your expression is great in both pics actually), but it looks like they went all blend happy and blurred parts of your face. Its probably not that big of a deal since most people will look at the quality of the model separately from the quality of the photo, but you would probably be wise to reconsider before shooting with that photographer again and switch out those photos when you get a chance.

And the good news!

2nd picture - Fabulous composition, and that outfit looks wonderful on you and works well in the environment.

3rd picture - Great expression and posing. Lovely outfit. I just wish the background wasn't so cluttered (unless thats what you were going for).

8th - Brave and beautiful. big_smile

10 - Somehow you have managed to be one of the few women that can make a jumpsuit sexy. Good facial expression and interesting pose.

I hope my critique was specific and helpful!

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London, England, United Kingdom

Pictures #2, 4, 5, 10, 11, 12 all catch my eye. The others are not on the same level for showing off your potential. You have a good sense of expression, I say work in-studio with someone who can capture character shots and come up with some fun concepts; you could get a lot of commercial work. Stay away from senior picture-y poses (ie cheesy smiles, familiar outdoor locations) and play up the lifestyle or editorial work! Again I'm just a model but that's my two cents. Hope it helps! smile

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angel emily

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Boston, Massachusetts, US

You mentioned approaching commercial agencies in another thread, so I recommend not doing anything until you see some of them and receive their feedback.  It may or may not be an option for you; I have no idea what that market is like.

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Autumn Rose Brightly

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Crowley, Texas, US

Just attended an open-call at an agency and I'm feeling really good about my chances of getting a callback big_smile

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Hunter GWPB

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King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, US

I think you are attractive.  Not sure you need to make the curvy statement in your profile.  I guess by your stats you are a plus model but I don't see that in your pictures.  You have a nice shape and are well proportioned, but I am not a fashion guy.  I do like real people, which you are.

Really like this
and this

Don't really like this

The rest are in between those two.  Some should go, some should stay. The comments ahead of mine are good but I didn't sort out all their numbers and I never know if you have done some shuffling after they assigned numbers.  I don't like all the head shots cut off at the neck and shoulders.  There are a lot of them.  They don't tell me anything else about you except, maybe, you aren't comfortable with your body.

I would suggest that you get some shots in different attire and locations appropriate for the attire.  Office/business; Scrubs and stethoscope/medical setting; work clothes/garden, farm or construction; of course something as sexy as you are willing to go.  Show that you can be anything you want to be.

I really like your look.  Not that I am an expert or anything.  I would be happy to draw you from what I see.

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Autumn Rose Brightly

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Crowley, Texas, US

Hunter Wald wrote:
I really like your look.  Not that I am an expert or anything.  I would be happy to draw you from what I see.

Thank you very much, I would love to see what a drawing would look like smile

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Autumn Rose Brightly

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Crowley, Texas, US

Any thoughts on updating my bio MMers?

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ShiggidyShaq Photos

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Auburn, Alabama, US

Just looking for feed back on pictures:likes/dislikes  best  and worst

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