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Henna N.

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Brooklyn, New York, US

Fellow nude model Freshie Juice and I are taking on the Midwest in January 2013!
Here is her profile:

We are both professional and outgoing models who have each been doing this for more than 3 years. Creative, passionate and easy going, you won't find a better pair of hot ladies to warm up your photography this winter!

Here is our tour schedule:

Pittsburgh: 6th-8th

Columbus: 8th-12th

Dayton: 12th-15th

Indianapolis: 15th-17th

Chicago: 17th-21st

Milwaukee: 21st-23

Our rates are negotiable, and we have reduced rates if you book us together!

I am available for:

Art nudes
Light fetish  (bondage, shoes/feet, latex, etc)
Fashion and fashion nudes

And Freshie is available for:

Art nudes
Erotica/Spreads (contact her for limits and rates) 

Please send us a message if you are interested in booking one or both of us!

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Freshie Juice

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New York, New York, US

I personally can not wait big_smile

Nov 20 12 03:29 am Link


Henna N.

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Brooklyn, New York, US

Still booking for this trip!

I have lots of time left in Dayton and Columbus especially. Send me an email if you'd like to book!

My hair will be in a pixie cut for this trip, and I will post pictures here when I get them uploaded. smile

Here's some previous work:

(bottom two photos by LiiLii, top photo by Asylum)

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Henna N.

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Brooklyn, New York, US


We are still booking! We have slots open in almost every city! Hit us up to book!

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T H Taylor

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Milwaukee, Wisconsin, US

Hope you're both not vegans or teatotalers coming to Milwaukee...  We are a cheese,meat,beer kind of state (we are also the fattest state in the union!).

Safe travels.


Dec 24 12 09:26 am Link