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I'm a photographer, and i edit my own work to a point... but i'm still old school using an old crt monitor, (sad i know).... anyway looking to get a new LCD/LED monitor....... my budget is only about $300.... can i get anything decent in that price range?  And what is it i should be looking for? I'm not a gamer, so is the 2-3-4-5-6 m/s response time impotant at all to me?  what about the 5,000,000/1 contrast (what ever that means)  is there namebrands i should stay away from, and then ones i should be looking for???
Any and all help, very much appreciated, thanks in advance... David

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MirrorImage Photography

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Kevin Greggain Photography

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In the 300 range, you probably can even land a 27" monitor from companies like LG or Samsung

24" are common, and just watch out for contrast ratio and speed (measured in ms). Most of the monitors nowadays are fast, and have great contrast.

I personally like the LG

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Samsung or LG in your price range. Doesn't matter as they are made on the same assembly line and both good.

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Michael Bots

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Spring [March] is traditionally the time prices ratchet down on computer products as all the newest is introduced at CES in Las Vegas in early January.

What's coming?   4K resolution
(3,840 x 2,160 / 4096×2160 etc depending on aspect ratio) … d-monitor/

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