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Jay Clapp Photography

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One for the togs
In April i will be starting my workshops on using small flashes {speedlights} it will be covering all the basics of using them fully manually plus some more advance uses and creative lighting.
it will be a full day workshop the first part of the day concentrating on the more theoretical side of things the second part of the day will be putting it into practice and doing some different lighting setups and problem solving
This workshop is aimed at those who are new to lighting with small flashes maybe you have been using natural available light and want to expand your abilities or are used to shooting in a studio but wishing to learn new workflows you are welcome.
as i fully intend standing behind what i am teaching if you feel you dont get your moneys worth on the day i wi
ll give you your money back! no questions asked
the cost for the day will be £40 which will be payable via paypal beforehand which will allow me the ability to refund you should that case arrive haha
The group will be limited to 10 people at a time but as soon as more than ten people book i will create another date and so on
at the moment im purely looking at building a contact list of people who may be interested in coming {no obligation }
if you are interested please drop me an email at with the subject workshop thanks folks smile

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Phil Drinkwater

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I don't believe you can post this in here..

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Yep wrong place for this! Try the events forum.

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