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Rachel Zader

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Oakland, California, US

Anyone have any experience using these? You apply them to the eyes and they produce natural tearing for shots/scenes needing tears.

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Kim Y

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Los Angeles, California, US

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Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

The tear stick doesn't seem to work for everyone. Word of caution, you don't apply it to the eye, but just below. It could really burn if it got in the eye! The blower that Kim showed is more effective and quick but care must be taken in using it - you have to know what you're doing, or again, could cause discomfort or even injury.

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Laura UnBound

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I've used a tear stick once before (not sure the brand), but it didn't make me cry, it just burned my eyes and I had to pry them open. To me it was the same as holding a can of Vicks under my eyes. And I couldn't take it off without ruining the makeup it was on top of.

I'd suggest putting some on a finger or spatula or something and just holding it under the eyes for a bit to see if it will even work or just be irritating

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Heather J M

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London, England, United Kingdom

I've seen it used in many ways, some actors like to have it on a finger tip for spontaneous tears during a scene. Some liberally rub it on under eyes, and I have heard of artists putting it on lower lashes with a mascara wand. It is essentially menthol, as is the tear blower (warm breath over menthol crystals). In my set bag I carry a new tear stick (don't reuse if actor has stuck their fingers in it), tear blower and lots of sachets of eyedrops for those people who the menthol doesn't work on.

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