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Cara Catatonic

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Auburn, Nebraska, US

Need some serious advice to make my pics shine with my next shoot.

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Jay Lee Studios

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San Diego, California, US

Looking through your port it seems you have just start modeling. Get rid of all the camera photos and self portraits. You have 5 images from one photographer and 2 more from another but both styles look the same.

Few things to consider when doing your next shoot get your make up and hair done.
You can keep shooting TF with learning photographers or you can try to get your port stacked as quickly as possible by hiring professional photographers.

What look are you going for as far as your modeling career if you pursue it further you need to know your goals and what you want to accomplish.

So think about where you want to go as a model and then find photographers that have that style to help you get there.

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M Pandolfo Photography

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Tampa, Florida, US

Have everybody involved do a really really great job.

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Columbus, Ohio, US

Find a very competent photographer who shines in lighting, composition & post work. Pay one if need be. smile

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255 West

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New York, New York, US

Small Fruit Pits wrote:
Find a very competent photographer who shines in lighting, composition & post work. Pay one if need be. smile


A great photographer is priceless. They'll give you the shot you want. They're not just the photographer, but a director too.

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New Art Photo

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Los Angeles, California, US


I'm not a great photographer , but I do consider it my job to find the beauty and the spirit  of the model.   Find someone you feel chemistry with-- who will  charm you and bring out your allure.

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Minneapolis, Minnesota, US

Unfortunately all you can control in a photograph is what you look like, makeup, clothing, pose and location some what. The lighting, composition, correct color, eyes in focus are controlled by the photographer.
Now you do have some control over the photography by which photographer you select, if the work is something that follows in line with your modeling goals, then it should work out.
Look for some photographs that you truly admire, find a photographer show him your concept image and see if he can produce work that resembles your ideal image.

Wish you well

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