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Avalon Fell

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Rowland Heights, California, US

So lately I've been looking at my portfolio and there's something about it I don't like. What do you think I could change/add/remove to make it better? I'm open to all critique.


Nov 27 12 03:58 pm Link



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Cincinnati, Ohio, US

Your second and third images could be cool if they weren't just covered over by a colored filter. The single color filter makes them seem very plain to me. If you took those two out, I think your port would be much more eye-catching. smile

Nov 28 12 07:37 am Link


The Face Photography

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Madrid, Madrid, Spain

I think that the first image in first and second rows don't do much for your popularity.

I would include some shots where your figure is clearly seen, and a couple more headshots like the one in your avatar. You are extraordinarily attractive.

Nov 28 12 09:22 am Link