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M Pandolfo Photography

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Tampa, Florida, US

With Christmas coming up (no I'm not going to be politically correct and say "the holidays") I thought it would be a good time to share without the burden of the expense.

What would you get the person above you? There are no limits. It can be anything from a book to a fantasy vehicle. A piece of advice to a sprawling Michael Jackson-esque compound complete with Bubbles. It doesn't even have to make any sense...other than to you.

Note: I added this to Critique in case someone gave the gift of "a book on How-To Lighting" it wouldn't be the end of the thread.

So...have at it. Oh, and Happy Holidays smile

Nov 28 12 08:14 am Link



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Knowlton, Quebec, Canada

Welllll...judging from your avatar, I would buy you a Nikonos camera for underwater shots ! lol

Happy Hollidays :-)


Nov 28 12 08:18 am Link


Cynthia Serrano

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Irvington, New Jersey, US

A smoke machine to use during your photoshoots big_smile

Nov 28 12 09:10 am Link



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New York, New York, US

A hot new leather jacket.... You look great in leather!

Nov 28 12 10:48 am Link


Affinity Finch

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Torpoint, England, United Kingdom

A nice expensive multi-eyeshadow pallette smile I'd like to see more colour tongue (Love your port!!)

Nov 28 12 10:55 am Link


I Ference Photography

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Brooklyn, New York, US

A sword.  Everybody needs a good sword.

Nov 28 12 11:09 am Link



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Riverside, California, US

A gorgeously stunning muse. Who doesn't want a muse? And probably a trip somewhere amazing smile

Nov 28 12 11:53 am Link


Brett Fish

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Seattle, Washington, US

A magical walk-in closet, where ANY article of clothing/shoes from any designer your little heart may desire, appears at your whim.

In the back of said closet, there is a magic suitcase with the same enchantment (for when you're on the road).  wink

Nov 29 12 10:55 am Link



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Miami, Florida, US

CBR 600 smile

Nov 29 12 01:10 pm Link