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London, England, United Kingdom

Was on a proper geek page earlier and saw a competition that made me click and read. It's kind of obvious what they're after - so I was expecting 'Angry Birds'...  but the opening shot of 'computer circuit nails' is actually quite cool :-)

Anyway, in case it interests anyone here (at least to look at the geeky shots)... … -creative/

Nov 29 12 12:34 pm Link

Hair Stylist

Angel Graves

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Lol!  This reminds me of a few friends getting prepped for comicon!
Thanks for sharing this link!  It looks like it should draw loads of creativity!

Nov 29 12 02:40 pm Link

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All Dolled Up - Beauty

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This is soooo cool !! My husband works on theses type of boards all the time ... he'd get a kick out of the nail art.

Nov 29 12 03:28 pm Link


Andrea Acailawen

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What a hoot. Thanks for sharing!

Nov 30 12 05:59 am Link