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I've been searching for a while for the perfect tear duct highlight. I switch between several different products but I've never found anything I was really happy with. I'm curious to see what the other professionals are using? I always learn great things from this forum, even though I'm in lurk mode most of the time. Thanks!

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Jocelyn Marie Morris wrote:
...tear duct highlight....

Jocelyn, much depends on the talent's skin tone, eye decor theme and session narrative...

that said, I have found L'OREAL HIP Metallic Shadow duo GILDED (806) can work well in various scenarios...
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Please keep in mind that there is product that can place your client in harm's way if used in the sensitive eye area... be absolutely certain that what you are using is ophthalmologically tested and hypoallergenic...  Case in point, a number of the very popular MUFE flash palette creams are NOT to be used in the sensitive eye area...  by reviewing the product spec sheet it can be determined which are verboten around the eye...

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I am a big fan of Ben Nye Lumiere Grande Colour in Iced Gold.  It is my all around favorite highlight powder.

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I like MAC's nylon eyeshadow.

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I find myself dipping into my Yaby pearl paint palette a lot for this, there are several lovely shimmery highlight shades.

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This!!!!!! I have it in this color and the bronze its amazing!!! … 17d4_o.jpg

Tarina Tarantino I think they changed the packaging now though. Its beautiful in the bronze all over the eye as well.

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