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Rogue Images Cornwall

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Bodmin, England, United Kingdom

I'm looking for some ace prop shots for my list smile

Yell at me if you have any smile

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Rogue Images Cornwall

Posts: 75

Bodmin, England, United Kingdom


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Cynthia Serrano

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Irvington, New Jersey, US

not many props but curious

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Modesto, California, US

If weapons are props you may find something in mine...

Nov 30 12 01:17 pm Link



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Indianapolis, Indiana, US

almost everything I do includes props of some sort, feel free to take a look.

Nov 30 12 01:25 pm Link


Select Models

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Los Angeles, California, US

Yep... loads of prop shots here!

Ropes, knives, swords, battle helmets, axes, daggers, and alot more strange stuff... all available as props at the SM studios... borat

Nov 30 12 03:07 pm Link


GER Photography

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Imperial, California, US

Some people like this one.
But my favorite prop is "Baby" here!!:-))

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Oak Harbor, Washington, US

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Alicia Hansen Photo

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Durango, Colorado, US

Flowers. c:

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Alicia Hansen

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Durango, Colorado, US


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Long Beach, California, US

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Shot By Adam

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Las Vegas, Nevada, US

Tatto Gun:

Authentic 1947 army Jeep:

This was a fun one. I got the metal bat-piece (in Batgirls' right hand) at a car show. They were doing demos of a computerized plasma cutter and they cut one of those out for me. It weight over 2 pounds and I always wanted to use it for a shoot...

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Alixx Rose

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Atlanta, Georgia, US

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Allen Fuller

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Atlanta, Georgia, US

Alixx Rose wrote:
these are fire fans

Awesome fire shot!

Here is a shot of mine.

Dec 01 12 03:10 pm Link


M Pandolfo Photography

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Tampa, Florida, US

I was going to contribute but I don't have any models posed with guns and swords so...

Dec 01 12 03:21 pm Link


James Ogilvie

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Brought this out of retirement to jump into the thread. I'll retire it again soon. smile

Disco balls!

Dec 01 12 08:04 pm Link


Kennedy StillsandFilms

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Miami, Florida, US

Don't have that many pics in my port with props-but do have real firearms

Dec 01 12 08:07 pm Link


Better Souls

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Cleveland Heights, Ohio, US would this suffice?
I'd embed but it's nws because butts.

Dec 01 12 08:09 pm Link


photo tech

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Huntington Park, California, US

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Kevin Greggain Photography

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Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

My prop is 18+ for blood. I'm doing a zombie calendar, so we got a demented looking demon baby and had an FX artist do an exploded stomach..

It's sick, but .. well, it's a zombie prop

Icky stuff

Dec 02 12 01:11 am Link