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Dora Ray

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I am interested in your opinion! I am fairly new to modelling and would love to get as much feedback as possible.

Thanks smile

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AnneMarie Friedman

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Ventura, California, US

I'd appreciate it if you're still going!

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Fotografica Gregor

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Alexandria, Virginia, US

AnneMarie Friedman wrote:
I'd appreciate it if you're still going!

I am still going! But I've been exceptionally busy and have not been able to get back to this in over a week -  I will try to catch up over the upcoming weekend smile

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Ceci L

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Villena, Valencia, Spain

I'm in smile

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Kaja Curtis

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Prague, Prague, Czech Republic

I am new on here and only have a few images posted, your thoughts are welcome smile

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AnneMarie Friedman

Posts: 93

Ventura, California, US

Fotografica Gregor wrote:

I am still going! But I've been exceptionally busy and have not been able to get back to this in over a week -  I will try to catch up over the upcoming weekend smile

Awesome smile no rush!

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Fotografica Gregor

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Alexandria, Virginia, US

I Ference Photography wrote:
I would love to hear your thoughts.

Hello I Ference Photography -

I've long admired your work -  it is honestly tough for me to critique photographers with a strong artistic approach, as I am at best a technician....   but I will give you my two cents worth, in hopes that it will be of some value smile
I am impressed by how the simple turning of the viewer on their ear, as it were, creates an intriguing composition - … 3#30087139
very dynamic composition - lovely story telling -  I realize that the light and tone are warm throughout the composition,  however,  in my mind's eye, this shot looks better with a reduction in the orange cast on the skin tones.....   I think in a similar situation I would have "exposed for the shadows and developed for the highlights" and tried for a narrower dynamic range in the final image - but that is the technician in me -   the warmth and glow are very lovely … 3#29878332
I suspect that you were shooting in fairly tight quarters here, but the existing perspective and focal length produces a distortion of apparent size between her arm and the rest of her body -   I am sure that this is of no concern from a more artful perspective, but as one who shoots primarily fashion, this is something I seek to avoid... … 3#19984691
I may have a few screws loose, but in this composition,  I find myself wanting to see more detail in the rubbish through the opening....  -  lovely composition … 3#30105799
would have liked the pose better with both arms dangling over her head...   love the light cast on the llama -  I would dearly love to find locations like this to shoot in.... … 3#19984678
love the colours and tones … 3#30087050
I do love the way you use architecture to shape light, and the warm tones you so often employ … 3#29567300
the composition here bugs me a little bit -  seems to symmetrical....  to static.... … 3#20012620
whereas here - even though the architectural comp is very symmetrical, the llama's position in the scene creates a lovely dynamic tension … 3#30116312
the light and tones here are wonderful....

The only thing I really have to suggest would be to play with angles of view more -  higher and lower,  point of view more from the corners or edges to create more dynamic leading lines

Love your work....

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Fotografica Gregor

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Alexandria, Virginia, US

Rosemarie Bennet wrote:

Hi Rosemarie Bennet

Your profile is a lovely read and the statistics are all there as well
very lovely look - the hand position bugs me -   a more elegant hand position - nearly straight but not stiff - fingers slightly spread, thoughtfully touching or supporting the side of your head would have sold the look … 7#29291813
just lovely -  a nicer left hand position would have been nice - perhaps the head rotated to your left a bit more -  but very lovely … 7#24700271
love the mood -

you do wonderful things with your eyes -  you create lovely moods -  fine details of hand position would strengthen your work -   I could see a stronger and more dynamic posture in some shots as well -  nice portfolio

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Fotografica Gregor

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Alexandria, Virginia, US

Elizabeth Michellle wrote:
would love your critique! smile

Hello Elizabeth Michelle

you have a very nicely done and professional profile -  and a portfolio with a nice variety of looks -
even when you are holding something, curled hands are a bit of a detraction -  an elegant hand position with fingers straighter would be more dynamic.... your neck "disappearing" is not desirable - when turning the head away to the side,  better not to drop the chin... … 1#11074263
these are examples of much more graceful hand position, and the head is not turned quite so far to the side, so the lowered chin works okay.... … 1#27168541
the rounded forward posture fits the mood here … 1#28819282
but does not work for me here  (despite the photo-vogue imprimatur lol)  - posture is always your friend -  it should always be dynamic, elegant, and long, unless it is telling a story.... … 1#24523798
very un-lovely neck line here -   generally if you are turning the head, best to keep it fairly vertical.... … 1#24246170
the rounded forward "fashion" shoulder works okay here - but re-imagine the vibe of this shot if you had a really strong squared away shoulders back head high posture here....
nice pinup style pose and vibe
very lovely
great angles and lines

I see a lot of great looks in your portfolio - 

I think that more consistently elegant hand positions would be an improvement. 

more attention to the neck line created by your posing -  if you are tilting and rotating your head at the same time, be aware of what it looks like -

I'm not sold on the general sense of posture I see in your port -  I admit that I am a Yoga practitioner and teacher so perhaps it is a bias - but in my view,  strong activation of core muscles and proper back and shoulder posture add  a strength and dynamic that is always an improvement....

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Meghan Hale

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Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

I would love if you would critique me.

Feb 18 13 04:48 pm Link


Starling W

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Palmdale, California, US

Oh Y not? smile

Feb 21 13 01:10 am Link


Stay Young Photography

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Cocoa, Florida, US

Yes Please

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Natallia Nia

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Warsaw, Mazowieckie, Poland

me please)

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Fotografica Gregor

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Alexandria, Virginia, US

Starling W wrote:
New stuff posted. Would love to hear your opinion.
Thanks!! smile

Hi Starling W - … 7#30983249
I see posing that has an athletic bearing and great strong lines
a great shape and a certain elegance
a capacity for glamorous mood

lots of positives really....

I like your style, and the strong vibe I see in your images.  A bit of an edge...  that being said, refined and elegant hand positions are always a positive - less curled fingers, less fisted hands, and instead, open hands, slightly spread fingers, or dramatically open hands and spread fingers - 

You are doing good things with your eyes when looking at the viewer - you can create a broader set of moods by focusing open eyes off camera, just make sure that you are focused

If you want to stay within the sort of genre you are so far showing in your port, those two refinements will add a lot -  if you want to expand into softer glamour or alt/fashion crossover,  you would need to work on softer, more flowing body lines as well

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Steve Lim

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Falls Church, Virginia, US

You may do me. Ahh, did i say it wrong? Please let me know what you think bout how i do. Thanks smile

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Salt Lake City, Utah, US

I too would like a critique if at all possible. Thank you for your time!

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Maria Panina

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New York, New York, US

I would really appreciate your opinion

Mar 06 13 03:31 pm Link


Karasev Studio

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New York, New York, US

If you would, please.

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Meghan Congdon

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Austin, Texas, US

I would love your input. I am feeling the need to streamline my portfolio. smile Thank you.

Mar 06 13 05:37 pm Link


Christopher Barrile

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Buffalo, New York, US

Would love your opinion!

Mar 07 13 01:52 am Link


Dereck G

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Los Angeles, California, US

Hello. I would like your opinion. Thank you.

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Joe Harary

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Holliston, Massachusetts, US

I'm interested in your opinion on my portfolio and profile.

I am mostly looking for TF work. Pursuing this for the art not the $. Even so, I'd like to work with the highest quality models I can.

Thank you for your time and honest opinion.


Mar 13 13 03:14 pm Link



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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

I'd love to know what you think

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Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Would like to know what is going well and what could be better.

Mar 14 13 03:02 pm Link


Kade Massey

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San Diego, California, US

If you are still going - shoot. I would love to hear out your critique and take it into consideration. I am always looking to improve; new but motivated. smile Please and thank you!

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BDI Ariel Caligan

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Greensboro, North Carolina, US

advice for my new work?? thanks so much!!

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Basel, Basel-Town, Switzerland

would like to hear something from you smile

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Singapore, Singapore, Singapore back for a " checkup " wink

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Should I quit my day job...and become a photographer??

Apr 03 13 08:42 am Link


Celine Sophia

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Santa Barbara, California, US

If your still playing, count me in.

Apr 07 13 02:53 am Link


SarahNomoto Photography

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Baltimore, Maryland, US

I'd appreciate some feedback, thanks!

Apr 07 13 03:00 am Link


Sophia Grey

Posts: 69

Yuma, Arizona, US

Go for it! Your precious time is highly appreciated.

Apr 07 13 10:55 am Link