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Hi, I am looking at trying mufe face and body for my kit, have heard great things about it. Can anyone reccomend one light and one dark shade I should get so that I can custom blend. I like to do it this way as it is cost effective as well as space saving in my kit. I don't have access to test the colours and I know alot of usa artists are very faniliar with product. I am very excited and am currently compiling a list to purchase many other goodies from CRC. thanking you in advance  smile

Dec 03 12 12:58 pm Link

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Here are some of the colors I recommend, but not everything you would  need to mix to the fullest. The color range is amazing, it is very rare for me that I end up needing to blend, but it can happen.

You will find these shades on that link : … -body.html

But here's the list :

20, 32, 38, 02, 01, 34, 06, 12, 44, 48

Dec 04 12 03:38 am Link